I have walked my own path for many years. Since first entering the world of flesh and bone I have always known what it is that I am and where my path must take me. My mother, adopted me at birth and through her tender love and care as well as her guidance, I have learned many things along life's long walk.
Though sometimes I have gotten lost along the way and stood still in the advancement of my spiritual evolution, I have always remained true to my walk as well as to myself. The road has sometimes been very lonely and at times it has seemed to be endless; even useless and mundane. I have learned that to find the answers I seek, that I must look deep within myself and in the silence of my mind the answers wait patiently for me to gleam.
My inner child always reminds me that I must also trust that tiny little voice within me. It tells me what feels right and what feels wrong and by chance I decide that I'll not listen to it, I soon learn the hard way that I should have. The voice guides me as I move forward and encourages me to be the very best I can be; which is plain and simple me. It laughs when I laugh and it cries when I cry.
The inner child lives deep within each of us. The child will always find a way to comfort us when we are lost and alone. It will tell us that we must also take personal time for ourselves and it reminds us that life is a learning experience and cannot be allowed to be all work and no play.
My search for self awareness has taught me that the more I look within, the more I discover and the more I evolve to what my former state of glory once was. It has shown me that I am a part of all that is and to all things great and small I too belong. Spiritual awakening for me is knowing that I am more than the sum of my parts and it's the knowing that I am also connected to my higher self; by constantly moving forwards, that I too shall soon return to my former state of being.
I have learned that we are never really asleep in the spiritual sense. We continue to learn and evolve even as we sleep and that we advance at our own speed according to our individual needs and wants.

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Comment by Barb on December 31, 2008 at 11:21pm
Very nicely stated Mike. I wish you peace and happiness in the New Year.

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