Stairway to Heaven...a great "pep" talk by Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts,
As always I pray you are well. The question that continues to be asked is how do we get through the rough and tumble times at hand? How do we make our way down the darkened hallways of our minds, shut out the noise of the media (and mind) that continues to tout tough roads ahead, deal with intense energy running through our bodies, deal with impending earth changes, and keep our spirits high enough to find even a modicum of faith and grace as we step off into the vast unknown? I will share some of what I know (and am learning along the way.) I will share more in an upcoming series of tele-seminars beginning in April.
First of all Precious Ones, don't think for a moment that those questions belong only to a few. They belong to the many regardless of how enlightened we may think we are. We are all in this together, though it is vital that our individual internal work is vigilant. We must keep ourselves out of panic and fear, and remain grounded and in a state of clarity. There are energies at work that have a vested interest in us to keep us off balance and confused. Those energies are NOT more powerful than we are, so please don't let them "trick" you into believing they are.
NOW is the time when we are being called upon to Master the Discipline of Self-Control, become Masters of Discernment, Masters of Energy, and Masters of Love.
Consider it a moral imperative to learn how to stabilize and become responsible for your personal energy fields. Each one of us must learn the art of stopping emotional response, no matter the ways we are prompted otherwise. Whenever you emotionally react you considerably weaken your energy field, leak Light (that's like leaking blood) and set yourself up to be hypnotized by the lower mind. This is a dangerous trap that none of us can afford to get caught in.
Please learn how to become witness rather than hostage to the phenomena that is occurring inside of you and on our Planet right now. You will be amazed at how much wider your lens of perception will become. You will be encouraged far more times than you will be discouraged as you perceive 'below the surface.'
Find an action that brings you the most peace and joy that is always at hand. You know what that is. Go there every time there is even a hiccup of internal roaring or panic. Whatever the action, be certain it connects you to Creator Source and/or the Earth. That's a Master Key. For me it is writing. I always feel a deep connection to God and to humanity when I write. I calm down, feel love and stay in that state for long periods of time. What is it for you? Find it and use it relentlessly.
Beloveds, we will make it through the cycle we are currently in. If we didn't have what it takes, others who stood in line for the same position would be here instead of us.
We are here on purpose. We sat with many guides at many council meetings and guess what? Each and every one of us are the chosen ones. The Crew upstairs knew they were sending in their best to flip a Planet and a species right side up. First, however we must be certain we are right side up with ourselves. Being here is an honor Beloveds, and eventually we will realize that Truth.
This is not a time to buckle under pressure that will pass sooner rather than later if we stop being afraid, open our clenched fists, drop down into our hearts, breathe and let this tide of time hit the shore, like the tides of an ocean.
Remember, we are in a state of flux, not a state of permanence. With the falling and ending of that which has caused so much deceit and despair we finally have the ingredients at hand for the makings for a giant soufflé of Oneness and Interdependence. God knows we have talked about Oneness and Interdependence long enough. Now it is action time.
Often what happens at an action point during timelines of transition is two-fold. One is fear-based paralysis and the other is a reckless attempt to control something familiar to the lower self. If either of the aforementioned are at play while we are at such a critical juncture in the evolution of our species one will be literally lost in the world, much like a discarnate soul who roams aimlessly always seeking out some 'body' to attach to.
Many people believe that now is the time to be still and wait until the economy levels out to take any actions of re-creation. Not true. That belief system is supporting fear, squelching creativity, stifling magic and miracles and causing an unnatural freeze in the momentum of life. This current situation had better not level out or we will be stuck in another cycle of insanity repeating itself. Never mind leveling out.
Our job is to step up, Creator Gods that we are, and lay in a new foundation for LIFE the way you, WE desire it to be, have imagined it to be and prayed for it to be, because WE CAN.
It has long been ordained that humanity would become Divine Carpenters that would build an indestructible stairway to the limitless Heavens smack dab in the center of a rotting and decaying planetary illusion.
Grace will descend like never before as we build our "Stairway to Heaven" against all odds and through all storms while on Planet Earth. Grace will wrap herself around us when we're standing on our magnificent stairway holding hands with our brothers and sisters with tears of joy rolling down our cheeks knowing that we did rise up as Divine Humans capable of lifting ourselves, a Planet and a species, and that we did live up to our promise to live as One, intact and inside the "shift of the ages!"
This is no time to be still (except during meditation.) This is a time to learn the ways by which you and I will build this "Stairway to Heaven" starting today. The materials that we must gather and use to create this heavenly stairway are strong and solid connections to Creator God, Mother Earth and Self. We need deep love for humanity, selflessness, stability, faithfulness, integrity, compassion, transparency, fearless acts of goodness to shepherd another through a dark hallway and LOVE TOWARD ALL WITHOUT LIMITS. These are the raw materials that we will fashion our stairway out of hell with, and into Heaven with. This is the new way, the One way, the only way.
One of my beloved guides for decades has been St. Germaine. In one of his 356 incarnations he was a scientist in the thirteenth century named Roger Bacon. In that lifetime he said, "when humanity discovers their proper orbit, as the planets have found theirs, at last all will move in harmony under the great impulse of a single creation......One Unity, One System, One Design."
I'm saying let's find our proper orbit! Let's form groups in our communities and each one take at least one under your wing and start building your "Stairway to Heaven," together. Witness each other's greatness, celebrate each other's progress and hold each other in times of weakness. If one gets tripped up, show up for each other in a real way, not just promise to hold space. That's insanity as well. How does one hold space for another when there is no time and space? Let's get real, let's use the Law of God's Attraction to attract grace and let's use the materials necessary to build up, stand up and ascend with our feet on the ground and our hearts in the Heavens!
Copyright Maureen Moss 2009 Please share with loved ones, and please include name and website

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