I believe that all of us who believe in truth must come together and stand together in peace against oppression and tyranny even if it is by our own people.


First we must become aware:

We must become aware of the forces of oppression which are keeping us divided and in fear of one another, the forces which start wars and keep wars going.


We must become aware of the forces which are keeping the majority of the world's population poor, hungry and uneducated, underemployed and unemployed.


We must be aware of these forces outside of us which have caused the people of many faiths to wonder if we are indeed in The End Times. However, we must also be aware of the forces within ourselves (our complacency, our  desire to stay in our own comfort zone) that keep us from really standing up for truth.


Then we have to find like-minded people, network (thank you iPeace) and stand together in peaceful non-cooperation. Opportunities will present themselves when we are really ready to sacrifice our comfort for the greater good.


May we all become aware and

May we all stand together in Peace and Truth



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