In about three months we can already start expect the FIFA 16 news to happen. But since the game hasn't even been announced yet, there's little to say about the gameplay and other new features for this years instalment. But we do like a juicy rumour about the FIFA 16 development and that's exactly what we have for you here. The new FIFA is rumoured to feature a Story Mode!

The source of this rumour is actually an EA Games' vacancy, which is looking for someone in the position of “Narrative Designer”. The content of the vacancy says they're looking for someone who can design a storytelling mode, featuring a “gripping emotional narrative experience”. It also mentions the creation of characters that the players will bond to. Furthermore it states that the story won't be linear. To wrap it up: it definitely states it's meant for one of EA's AAA titles, which FIFA 16 definitely is.

The complete content reads as follows:

  • The Narrative Designer will bring the player's experience to explosive life in its story-telling mode, championing story to the team and ensuring that script, speech and story-telling devices are tuned to achieve a gripping emotional narrative experience.
  • You will create characters that game players fully embrace and bond to, and will capture emotional experiences that drive the story forward through non-linear storytelling techniques.

You'll work closely with other designers and producers to create game worlds where story is core to the player experience and will drive an innovative story vision that is central to one of EA's AAA titles.

Even though this sounds very promising, it's still a rumour. It could might as well be for a different game from EA Games. Though the end of the vacancy mentions that a passion for sports a big advantage is. And even if it's meant for FIFA, it could also be for FIFA 17, which already should be in development. Enough uncertainties for now, but still reason enough to keep a close eye on this one.

How would you feel about a story mode in FIFA 16? Could work, totally psyched or completely irrelevant?

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