Strengthen the life of the floor to extend the life coup

composite decking manufacturers natural comfort, environmental protection, good sound effects and other advantages by people of all ages, but the wood floor is easy to use for a long time to change, shorter life expectancy, how to maintain our floor, the following sources of ancient floor to teach you how to extend the life of laminate flooring coup?

1, to strengthen the life of flooring - laminate flooring remove dust should wash: Always pay attention to remove dust, avoid dust accumulation so that the floor looks bleak, to be diligent vacuuming. Laminate flooring with particular attention to the foyer and walkway leading to the outside. Also in order to prevent dust into the house, dust mat can be placed at the entry point, or the installation of dust strip at the bottom of the door. 2, to strengthen the life of the [url=]wpc outdoor flooring board in France[/url] - indoor strengthen higher floor temperature, ventilation windows should as much as possible. These can be fitted with a heating water when placed in the living room, you can adjust the indoor humidity, but also absorb indoor laminate flooring formaldehyde.

3, strengthen the life of the floor - Avoid furniture & ldquo; feet & rdquo; scratch laminate flooring wear layer, can be installed at the bottom of the furniture cloth sleeve or shim. In order to avoid heavy objects smashed wear layer, damage to the floor. 4, the use of clean laminate flooring mop, mop wrung before use is better, too wet mop, in the use of water would seep into the seams, damage the floor, causing the convex deformation of the floor, especially wood floor, plastic flooring, cork tiles. 5, with laminate flooring wax products in moderation, if the coating is too thick will be more dust sticking to strengthen the outdoor tile for backyard, more difficult to polish the floor.

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