Strengthening MDF: MDF strengthen the thicker the better

1, strengthen MDF international market. Strengthen outdoor deck membrane for tile is a new wood-based panels originated in the 1990s in the United States. The product since its inception, has been popular in the international market, active in the building materials, furniture, household appliances, musical instruments, vehicles and shipbuilding industries, the use of expanded each year.

2, to strengthen the domestic market MDF. According to incomplete statistics, the domestic high-density fiberboard production from less than 10,000 cubic meters in 1984 increased to 14.9 million cubic meters in 2000, demand reached 2,085 cubic meters. Many consumers in the purchase will strengthen the board of a misunderstanding, that the laminate flooring thicker the better, in fact, is the thickness of the floor have a certain standard, and here we come to look at strengthening the thickness of the [url=]pine cone railings for stairs interior[/url] should be how to properly treat.

Strengthen the base density MDF board decided to strengthen comfort and service life, the substrate to achieve better physical performance, you must use a density of between 0.85 to 0.95 grams per cubic centimeter, high-density fiberboard. Strengthen MDF from moisture, the floor surface and back due to different usage, strengthen MDF damp different degree of contact between the different layers having a uniform thickness can make more consistent density produced after absorbing moisture expansion, so the size of the performance more stable. In fact, the use of reinforced MDF Bohou performance impact is really small, as long as consumers buy on the line according to their preferences. Characterized planks foot feeling good, after the pavement has the effect of solid wood flooring, but the price is slightly expensive. Thin slab maintenance free deck railings density will be slightly lower, but as long as the product is in line with national standards but also to ensure good use.

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