Thank you all for your welcome and your positive messages of support. It is truly inspirational, affirming and humbling. Of course, I am just the guy that gets to tell you about us and what we are trying to do. There are are many more people involved than me and we are just picking up the reins from the many people before us who have already done so much to make this dream real.

If you want to know more about our journey and what we are struggling for, please visit us at either or see us on facebook at

We always need the support of our global community to develop our work and realise our vision. Your support can be a word of encouragement on a tough day, it can be telling other people about this cool wee peace centre in Northern Ireland, it could be finding us a sponsor or a donation, or just even being interested enough to read the news and think about how we can encourage peace in our world to grow.

If you know of other projects like ours we'd be pleased to get to know them and add them to our list of friends around the world.

Thank you for your support and the hope it brings.

Sincerely in peace,

Conn xx

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Comment by teresa on September 7, 2009 at 7:57pm
i hope you will except my invite i,m on a few web sites that have our troubles documented one i would like to share with you is called "Share Troubles" and it isn,t a site for just one side it's for everyone and you post your experience that you went threw during the troubles, you can tell anything you like and read ppl.s stories some so sad.. gb and may we all be at peace in our wee country Teresa

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