Today I sat with a man who was suffering over the death of one son and the possible loss of custody of the other. Such pain.

Today I sat with a little bird as it died. Such peace.

Can we die in the midst of our pain to find the peace that is already there?

During a time that is often described as a "dark night of the soul", that had me in the grips of its jaws, I died in the midst of pain and found peace. It didn't happen instantly, it has been a long journey out of that pain. Now pain, sorrow, fears come, I sit with them and know they will pass. I can feel the peace that holds the pain, cradles it compassionately as it expresses itself into oblivion, and then I'm left with the peace, the silence of All That Is.

Today, I was reminded by the words of a fellow traveler that I am love and that a simple smile can ease the pain.

"We can do no great things but small things with great love"
~ Mother Teresa

May you know the peace that is already present. May you know the love that you are.

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Comment by Andy Skadberg on November 20, 2008 at 5:29am
Thank you. I have learned a great deal from the passing of dear ones. I have shared some tributes at Your message is profound and clear. If we can embrace death for what it is, it would allow us to have more fun while we're here. I have actually had experiences as of late, getting a glimpse of the capacity for love that is in my own heart. It is immense, maybe endless. With great Love, Andy

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