...I woke up today and felt good to see I had a new friend...Jane Alexander...I clicked on her site and read that her Son was injured in Afghanistan...suddenly felt sick....how can we all live on such a beautiful planet and have such a hard time getting along....hope you will all welcome Jane and I must tell you all that I appreciate you and the miracle that brings us all together...united we can bring so much needed change.......

...Jane ..I wish only the best for your son and all the others that have suffered due to Greed....
3/22/2006 9:30AM
Terror Eyes

There are many people
Who have stored in their minds
Times they try hard to forget
When someone they looked up to
Chose to abuse them
From that moment on
They see the world
Through terror eyes

Two children get placed
In the back of their car
Their parents kiss them
And then get in the front
Another day of happiness
They haven’t gone far
When they are hit by a drunk
The parents are killed
Happy eyes suddenly become terror eyes

A man and his wife
Did everything possible
To live a life
Filled with kindness and Love
Retired from their jobs
And moved out to the country
Fulfilling their dreams
One night after midnight
Two strangers came knocking
They answered the door
Wanting to help if they could
The men tied them up
Then ransacked their farmhouse
Killed them
So they could not be identified
Of all the beautiful visions
Gained in a lifetime
The last thing they saw
Was through terror eyes

An old woman lives
All alone in a large house
That she helped her husband
Many years before
Everywhere she looks
It’s just an endless memory
At night
They all glow
With the vibrations of love
But she is tired of living
And afraid of dying
If her loved ones
Would ever visit
They would notice
She’s looking at the world
Behind terror eyes

A young soldier sits
Half a world away
From his loved ones
Caught in a nightmare
That won’t go away
Constantly thinking
How did it turn out this way
Cold and miserable
Hope is his only companion
While the ones who sent him
Are at home
Cleaning their conscience
Dining in leisure
In a comfortable bed
Meanwhile, the soldier stays busy
Wiping the dust
Out of his
Terror eyes

A six-year-old boy
Has traveled down
To the market
Picking up products
That his mother desires
His brothers and sisters
Wanted to follow
He convinced them
To stay behind
As he nears
His home
He hears a rumble like thunder
Looks straight ahead
To see his home blown away
Gazes up as the planes disappear
With a brand-new pair
Of terror eyes

If you want to try
And fight a war on terror
There’s something real important
You need to realize
No matter where it is
On this beautiful planet
You have to stop creating

Terror eyes

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Comment by Johnnie on January 7, 2009 at 9:20pm
...My nephew was raised in Unconditional Love....he joined the Army for an experience and to get an education...spent years in Hawaii and Australia..really enjoyed it....went to Iraq...one in his company threw a hand grenade that went the wrong direction and killed about 40 children....he went to a mental hospital and has not been able to shake off something that is impossible to shake off...so he got an education and an experience...one that he and all that Love him will share for the rest of their days...
Comment by Jane Alexander on January 7, 2009 at 7:42pm
My Son is not a, "Dumb, stupid animal." He joined the Military Machine because he was looking for something that he never found when he moved from Europe to the US, (aged 18) to a California Dreaming location where he, evidently, found no Dream and no Love that would have helped him to keep on another Track, a "safe" Track. He never found the Love and Understanding that he was looking for when he turned his back on the Old World (for some !?) and got side-tracked by False Promises. He was too young to be able to judge what was RIGHT for him at the time ... and now he is reaping the Consequences, now when the harm has been done and his LIFE has been shattered by other people's Games.
Comment by Vicka on January 7, 2009 at 5:42pm
Only together!

Lets collect all our souls in 1

Lets spread Love everywhere.

Love you all!

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