It is the eve of Thanksgiving and I just found out that two people who are connected to people I love have cancer. One of them with a cancer that killed my best friend in the world. Colleen Davies. However Colleen died because she didn't want to be here any longer. She was depressed with her life here and truly didn't want to be here any longer. As a healer, I have found that depression/dispair allows the body to become vulnerable to disease in all forms, including your own cells becoming disrupted i.e., cancer.
Depression and stress are the leading causes that I have seen for everything that happens in the body. Remember that inside your body that you are so used to is a universe of cells which make you up. When you feel dispair and depression, your whole universe inside you feels that overwhelming dis_ease and their immune system also feels it and is compromised.
There are many really good holistic methods to fight these various compromizations of our inner universe, but the best is to actually be in the moment and be at peace with yourself and your world. Let your unconditional love come through, even for that disease that is attacking you and do the good things for yourself and the others you can in your life to help each other to want to be here, to continue to love and grow. We need every one of us to tip the balance and become more of our true selves.
Blessed Be.

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Comment by Graham George on November 30, 2009 at 5:45pm
Dearest One Alisha,
My Beloved Brother Jesus, my mentor and guide says the following...
"Is it not interesting that on the eve of 'Thanksgiving ' you receive this information?"
"For in all messages of the Heart are you given a glimpse of light".
"What glimpse of light was there for you in these situations, for in them is the Truth that death is made not of the body but of the mind". "Thus My Child, do you know well of this and with this knowledge can you give them one course of help, Forgiveness!" "In their belief that they are a body, for they are not". Love them alone as yourself, for you are One!" "Your strength is silence and commitment to Truth in gentleness, for healing heals not the body but Love heals the mind". For Colleen too, even now, can this be done!"
"Know that you are Loved".

Blessings to you Alisha,

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