Well, you are here, I say to myself, and you are not there, trying to make money of a way of living...
Who cares?
There must be a reason to me to be here.
First of all, despite I am not a pacifist (I am peaceful), I love people and moreover, I love beauty and beautiful people.
My friend Purna says so in my astrological chart.
And this iPeace is just amazing.
The trouble I have in other places I do not have really here!
It is intelligent, rich and beautiful.
truth virtue beauty goodness love

It works perfectly.
Even yesterday, to enter in Mystic India, and NING, which is a certain confuse thing to me,
i told you i went through NO-MIND, just followed my heart and ZASSS, a new place with my baby photograph was there.
I just love it.
My heart is happy.

Then I have entered a new site in brasil, that a friend discovered to me, and ZAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS,
I am a book author, would you believe that???????????????
And the site is also on... NING, oh it is amazing...

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