The Brain is Not the Thinker - Consciousness Part III

The brain is not the thinker, for if a brain were required for thinking to occur, then how does the universal mind think, as it is not possible that a seemingly infinite mind can have a containing brain lest it not be infinite. The brain is an organ that acts as a bridge between the Spiritual and the corporal (between what "IS" and what is "experienced"). It passes sensations back and forth between the two states of presence (the ego identity and the Authentic Identity) by taking sensations that are formulated and meaningful in the corporal and translating them into thought patterns that the Spiritual aspect can then understand and interpret as Spiritual activity.

In a seeming reciprocal action, the Spiritual, which is infinite and present in its entirety at what would appear to be every point in this illusory universe, has already responded with the complimentary sensations that match the seeming stimulus by pattern. When these seeming sensations are passed from the Spiritual back to the corporal, they are again translated through the organ of the brain through the medium of mind and made into corporal thought patterns that are appropriate and understood by the corporal or physical point of operation (the body). But the brain does not originate the thoughts just as the heart does not originate the blood, it simply processes and distributes it to the appropriate places as needed.

The brain processes the seeming sensations that are ever present in the Spiritual at these appropriate moments by matching the patterns of the stimulus to the complimentary patterns of the Spiritual (the "idea" of patterns in the Spiritual case) and produces the images and sounds and other sensations that make sense to the corporal being. These corporal responses are retrieved from a consciousness warehouse (so-to-speak) of symbols that have been previously agreed upon. Pleasure, pain, hot, cold, tree, flower, automobile, whatever the appropriate match to what is being touched, tasted, heard, smelled or seen through the five seemingly physical senses.

It is a continuous feedback loop of information within the one thought process we call universe. By responding to the imagined sensations on the corporal side of this equation, one is considered to be at least somewhat "conscious" of the initial stimulus. The consciousness aspect of the ego identity recognizes the symbols and thus solicits the appropriate physical responses to those sensations or symbols, like pulling the hand away from the fire or moving deeper into the embrace of a lover or feeling the beauty of a sunset or intentionally imbibing the scents of the pleasant odors as one perceives them. This process continues seamlessly for the most part, and for all intents and purposes, it would appear to most that the knowing, the thoughts and the dialog in their head is generated in their head.

So I guess that the short form of all of this is that consciousness is another aspect of the ego and the original idea of separation and division. All of what we agree to believe are objects are the consciousness' interpretation of the egoic symbols applied to the fragments it imagines. And, that the process of consciousness has become so intricate and self involved, and is able to recognize, categorize and maintain what appears to be such a vast number of symbols simultaneously, that it has become the dominating directive of our awareness. We have put ego and consciousness in the seat of power and granted them dominion over all we perceive. False kings of separation ruling a false kingdom of separated subjects and objects. It is much like turning down a one-way street going the wrong way. Once you realize what you have done you recognize that you're not there to be happy, or to pursue your joy; you're not there to heal your body or to amass wealth or to manifest abundance or a new lover into your life. You're there because you made a wrong decision, and as soon as you realize that, you turn around and head back the way you came to undo the error that set all of this in motion in the first place. The idea is to awaken from this dream within a dream (nightmare) and recognize our Perfect Oneness in the Eternal Always. Where we have always been and alway will be, as there are no concepts of space or time where we truly are. Concepts such as "God" or "Heaven", good, evil, love, fear or anything we can ever conceive here have NO meaning whatsoever. These things only have meaning to the ego identity as another part of its disguise.

Even this explanation is limited, as it too is filtered through a corporal brain, and fitted to a given framework of language and the inherent meanings in those words as interpreted by the addressee. But I do hope that in my efforts here I have made more clear, my initial statements of consciousness. and the ego identity, and the relationship between them. So those whom choose to do so can continue to think of the universal mind as "God", but if we choose to do so, we must relieve it of the quality of originating the creative power because the universal mind is an artifact, an effect, not the cause, Source or God transcends all consciousness, and requires it not, for it surpasses anything that we have a framework or points of reference to even begin to understand. This is, of course, a very fine line and many would argue that there is no difference between originating the power itself or having no limitation as to how one can use the power that just "IS". I, however, feel that the distinction is of a very vast nature and with it carries immense implications as to the nature and place of the seeming individual mind and the consciousness it employs, as well as the reciprocity between the seeming individual and the universal minds.

To Be Continued ... Until We All Awaken ...

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor

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