From behind

She’s one of the most beautiful

Women I’ve ever seen

That’s what I thought to myself

As I watched her walk

Towards the table

I’ve seen some nice asses before

But hers is second to none

It’s round and full

Just the right size

Any bigger and it would be too much

Any smaller and it would lack

The warmth of suggestion it offers

I didn’t come here

To watch her flaunt her wares

I came to celebrate my last night at work

I had planned on coming by myself

But she along with her friend

Invited themselves so what could I say?

I like the one with the great ass

We get along well

But her friend Anna

She’s the one I can’t help but feel attracted to

She has eyes

Like I’ve never seen before

I don’t know what it is about them

But it’s very good

She has an innocence to her

Something rare

I’ve known them both

For about two months now

It surprises me

That they’ve taken to each other so well

I rarely meet women who like each other

Usually they hate some trivial detail

About each other

At least that’s the stated reason

For their discontent

And never ending vicious attack

I’m not sure why they’re friends

Maybe it’s because

They need each other somehow

And because they need each other

They are able to tolerate

The other’s unforgivable flaws

At least to some extent

When the waitress came over

Anna said something trite

About her looks

Her cruelty surprised me

It was the first time

I heard her make that kind of comment

Maybe she feels threatened by her

I don’t know

How such a beautiful woman

Could feel threatened

By any other woman

It makes no sense to me

If she could see herself

The way I see her

She would know that

She has no competition

Other than what she imagines

I’ve wanted to tell her

How I feel about her

For some time now

But I just haven’t found the words

Or the right moment

There’s always other people around

And so

I’ve said nothing

Another reason I’ve remained silent

Is because she has a boyfriend

I find it strange that she has a boyfriend

I’ve never met him

Sometimes I wonder if he even exists

But it seems to me

That she can’t possibly be

In love with him

If she was

She would spend more time with him

As we drank our wine

Anna started acting in a way

That I didn’t expect of her

I don’t know her very well

But to the extent

That I do know her

She’s always come across

As being rather reserved

Even shy

She was no longer shy

She was sitting very close to me

Almost on top of me

After she ordered another bottle of wine

She asked me to dance

I told her that I’d rather just relax

And enjoy my meal

I didn’t expect them to be here

I didn’t expect her

To be sitting so close to me

But since they were here

I was hoping that tonight

I could finally get to know her better

If all goes well

I might even tell her

What I’ve wanted to tell her

Ever since the night we first met

I can’t say why

But it surprised me

That she was so anxious

To drink and dance

I thought she would perhaps

Order something to eat

But she wasn’t interested in eating

She wasn’t interested in conversation

She was intent

On drinking and dancing

She decided to dance anyway

Along with Julia

As I watched them move

Their sumptuous curves

Round and round

I started to get the feeling

That they were competing

With each other

Anna looked at me and smiled

Then Julia

I was startled

Moments like these

Always catch me unprepared

As I watched Anna dance with a man

That works at the café

I grew more and more confused

If her intent was to cause me suffering

She was doing her job well

I have never understood women

I suppose I am not the first

Nor will I be the last man

To be confused by a woman’s behavior

Maybe it was just my imagination

But she seemed to be doing everything

In her power to provoke a reaction in me

It’s a familiar feeling

A feeling I’ve felt before

And don’t care to feel

She seemed to want me

To feel jealous

Perhaps I’m too logical

But if she cares for me

Why would she deliberately injure me?

I don’t know

But it has something to do

With the mysteries of the female mind

The rational being

If he has feelings for me

He’ll feel jealous

And if he feels jealous

It means that he has feelings for me

It seems to me

That it would make more sense

To just ask me how I feel about her

Or to tell me she’s attracted to me

But, women don’t seem to do anything

In a straightforward manner


They try to provoke reactions

Why is she trying so hard

To elicit a reaction from me?

I asked myself

The conclusion I came to is

She must have feelings for me

But I couldn’t make sense of it

Why is she dancing with another guy

When she has a boyfriend?

And why is she trying so hard

To make me jealous?

The saddest and most painful

Truth of all

Is that

If I didn’t have eyes for her

It wouldn’t have mattered

A woman in such a position

Could dance with a thousand men

And it wouldn’t matter in the least

If she cares for me

Why is she trying so hard to hurt me?

Hurting someone you care for

Doesn’t make sense to me

But I’m absolutely convinced

That in her mind

She was doing something logical

I had been in a good mood

When I arrived

After all

It was my last night at work

And I felt relieved

Now, I no longer felt relieved

Nor did I feel like celebrating

She had ruined the moment

Instead of telling her

What I’ve wanted to tell her

Ever since the night we first met

I paid the tab for everyone

Then told them I was leaving

Anna looked disappointed

She asked me to stay

And have another bottle of wine

But I declined

Julia asked me to stay also

But I told her that I needed

To get going

Passion still lights my way

But time has tempered it

A few years ago

I would have stayed

I would have pursued her

But now

I find it hard to remain excited

When I find myself

In these types of situations

Instead of delivering pleasure

She had caused me suffering

Isn’t love something more than that?

It was a lonely walk home

And lonelier still

As I laid outside

In the soft glow of summer moonlight

Looking up at the stars

As I watched a shooting star

Blaze across the sky

I began to regret not telling her

That I fell in love with her

The night she sat in my kitchen

And played guitar

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Comment by Robert Strzalko on May 1, 2010 at 7:09pm
Glad to hear it.
Comment by Dina on May 1, 2010 at 1:58pm
Hey, Robert. I can actually access them now. I don't know what happened earlier. It's great that I can access it here now. I move ever so busily between pages. :P

Hesitation there, Robert?
Comment by Robert Strzalko on April 1, 2010 at 3:43am
Thanks Clicia, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the kisses also, Robert
Comment by Clicia Pavan on April 1, 2010 at 3:27am
Very good,your poetry!
Poet this is
The spell
of being a woman....

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