"The Colour of Music" is a rather bizarre combination of words used as the title to an article which attempts to help us understand the workings of the Universe from our perspective as human beings. We consider 'hearing' and 'sight' as two of the five natural senses which, combined with the other three, feed our consciousness with information that helps us to experience physical life. Each sense is separate to the other in the way that we interpret this information. However, there is another sense that we possess -- a sixth sense -- that works OUTSIDE of the parameters where we take everything for granted. Or should I have said INSIDE?

Here is a paragraph taken from this article which is meant to help wet your appetite to read further and perhaps stir your curiosity into forming your own conclusions:


"It’s unfortunate that as we live out our physical lives, the intellect which allows us to piece together our experiences, obscures our greater vision; that ability to look at the universe with our eyes truly open. For those of us who can tap into this inner world will know there is beauty that is beyond wonderment. Then, this energy can be truly perceived. A sound will show itself in all its glory, not only as a single note, but as a vibrant living thing which will dance to any tune and glow with a colour proportionate to its heavenly signature."


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