Oh, the philosopher in me is reacting this very moment. There's so many things I want to talk about ... don't know where to start.

The critical issue is the need for peace
Why? Why do we strive for peace? If there's supposed to be a natural balance in everything, or at least a constant rebalancing of yin and yang all over the earth... if there is so ... than striving for peace is making the balance on one side heavier and to remain balanced war and non-peace will grow as well. Don't shoot me ;-) remember... philosophers ask questions, they don't want answers ... There's nothing more that I want than all people being loaded with conciousness and therefore no intention at all to hurt anything or anybody ... so ... what am I striving for ... think Osho was right when he talked about Nothingness ... that's the middle of the balance ... mmm, thinking and thinking ...

The second thing is the power to embrace.
The human light body, the aura, is able to make shapes and forms beyond imagination. Some beautiful things to practice is to sit down, relaxed, meditative and try to feel your aura. Try to form it in mathematical shapes, a pyramid, a bowl, a cube ... and see what it does with you. The cube will probably make your thinking cube-like sharp with angle's, just as the bowl will make your thinking round and softer... after a little practice you can also stretch your aura, like the cartoon-figure Barbapapa, and you will see that you can reach out for someone who's not even close to you. Of course you have responsibilities, no entering in someone's energy without permission ... but to send a ' virtual ' hug to someone you love, on appointment, is a wonderful way to get in contact... and believe me, after years of practicing this I know it works stronger than you maybe ever will know.
To use this to create the Collective Spirit, the utmost connection to spread peace around the globe, is something I would like your opinion about ... how to organize a moment in time to gather in energy?

The third thing is the sharing of silence to unite.
But ... ah, isn't this a part of what I described above ... In silence I stretch out to you, embracing you with peace and love ... when you're ready accept it and pass it though ... we'll find a moment in time to unite this energy to blow peace around the world ...

With love....


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