The Destiny of Man - Last Part -By Swami Sivananda

Dear All,

Good morning to all of u and have a divine blessed day ahead …..

Each species of the plants and animals has this evolutionary process upon one level only. Whereas you, you are a citizen of two worlds simultaneously. Having been born into this universe, man sits on the threshold of two universes. The outer universe is this gross material world. But he knows "I have not been here some time ago, and after some time I will not be here. I do not belong here." And all the sages, mystics, the men of broad vision confirm: "Oh man, you are but a pilgrim on this earth, move along to the divine realm of perfection and fullness, where death cannot reach you, where there is no time, no decay. There is the Kingdom of God." Every religion has this concept of a great realm transcending the mundane plane of gross materialistic existence, where everything is perfect. They give it different names, but the sages of the Upanishadic religion went further and brought specific data based upon the authority of their own deepest experiences. They said: "We tell you. This is thus. We know it. And if you fulfill the conditions which we fulfilled, you will also know it by experience.

It is for all mankind. This state of perfection and divine consciousness is the birthright of every human individual." Because man is made in the image of God. The light of Allah shines in every human individual, the breath of God in every being. Therefore you have another dimension. It is the unseen dimension of your spirit—you are a dweller of the spiritual universe as well. With your body and mind you are dwelling in this physical universe, but with your consciousness you are ever in the spiritual universe. You are a citizen of two worlds. And therefore in
your case evolution means a dual process.

As a human being your destiny here is to make use of all the factors that surround you and utilize them wisely and try to make yourself a perfect unit of the human species. What does that mean? Observe the laws
of health. Control the senses, master your passions, be moderate in eating, drinking, sex, pleasures and everything. Develop for yourself a perfect physique, high standard of health, strength and energy. But then
you are endowed with a mind and an intellect. They must also evolve. They want some knowledge. Guide your powers of reasoning into the right channels. Let your mind be purified of the dross of mere greed, desire,
ambition, and craving. Make it pure and think nobly. Have sublime sentiments. Rise above yourself and ask yourself, "While I am here on this earth what can I do for others? In what way can I make myself a source of benefit,happiness and help to others?" You alone of all created living beings are capable of thinking on these lines. Let not this intelligence think crookedly, let it think straight. Intelligence can be prostituted to desire and passion and make you a crude, crooked, cunning, diplomatic, maneuvering individual, a danger to others. The
intellect must be given higher thinking, Have an ideal. Ponder the lives of great men, make them your ideal. Let your intellect think great—how can I become like these people, how can I shine like them? What one man
has become, all men can become. And therefore I must strive.

Even if I strive all my life and do not completely rise up to the level of my ideal, it does not matter. I have not failed, I have succeeded in my life because I never gave up this idealism. That is success in life.
And therefore man’s destiny is to become an ideal human individual, in humaneness, in feeling and consideration for others. As you wish others to behave towards yourself, so behave always towards them. Shine as an ideal human individual, as an asset and a blessing to your contemporary society, be a center of good and benefit to all others and a character with ethical principles and moral standard. You become a jewel, a
priceless diamond and you enrich the society for living and acting in it. This is the destiny of man for which he has to intelligently work.

And upon the inner realm of the spirit your destiny is to regain the lost divine perfection which is your eternal state, for you have your origin from that supreme cosmic being, that tremendous imponderable cosmic being, the cosmic power and intelligence which is the sum totality of all that is auspicious, beautiful, good, pure and holy. That is the Supreme Being. You are part of it.

You are rooted in that. You live, move and have your being in that Supreme Being, whether you know it or not. For that Supreme Being is not located at any point in space or time—He is all-pervading. He is immanent in
all these billions of universes that He has created, and because He is infinite all these created things are within Himself. And He inter-penetrates, permeates and fills everything He has created. Therefore He is without and within. And you—whether you know it or not—live, move and have your being in this divine perfection, in this
divine bliss, in this divine sanctity and holiness and sacredness. This is your element, like a fish in the vast Pacific Ocean has its origin in the waters of the immeasurable, limitless Pacific Ocean, it dwells in the Pacific Ocean and ultimately it ends its existence in the Pacific Ocean. Even so your life is in that supreme divine principle. Therefore within the inner dimension of spiritual consciousness the destiny of man is total divinity. Upon the outer plane the destiny of man is to try his/her best to shine as an ideal unit of the human species in human society in this human world. That is the human destiny.

As regards the prophets of doom who say: "Will humanity survive in the 21st century? Will the earth through an atomic explosion of a third holocaust be blown into a nuclear cloud? Maybe the earth and all life will cease to be
because of radiation and the planet will become a frozen ball through the nuclear winter which is feared by scientists ..." those who say that about the destiny of man, whatever their predictions and fears—I have come here to give you the vision of the ancients regarding the ultimate destiny of man, not the immediate destiny. If this planet earth is completely destroyed due to a nuclear war and all life ceases here, nothing will happen to you! You will not be touched. You will not be affected. Your destiny will not be altered. You’ll migrate and take
rebirth on some other planet that will be fashioned for you.

And there you’ll start where you left off here and continue this relentless irresistible process of evolution until you shine as a God! You are sleeping Gods. And so, if this world is lost, what will happen? It is only one little college. If a college is destroyed by fire, your educational career does not come to an end, you don’t have to stay put in 6th class. You can go to another college and finish your degree, your M.A., your PhD and go to the top of your career. For your evolution this planet earth is not the only place, there are millions of places.
Therefore if anything happens, nothing happens. For whatever happens, happens only to the physical things, to matter. And what are you? You are that immortal radiant divine spirit which weapons cannot injure, fire cannot burn, water cannot wet and wind cannot dry—unborn, eternal, and permanent—you are beyond time, and death has no meaning for you. You are imperishable, immortal, indestructible, deathless and birthless. Whatever happens, happens only to this mortal body, to this cage of flesh and bones. It does not need a nuclear war to destroy it. When it becomes old, it will anyway be destroyed by a heart-attack or an accident. There are a hundred different ways for this body to come to an end; it does not require a nuclear war.

It is a folly of our ignorant leaders, ignorant heads of state, who have no knowledge of the real man and his destiny. They think all their subjects in their countries are just earth creatures who have to be given some little education in colleges and universities and have to be fed and clothed. Therefore various social and political philosophies have sprung up in order to keep man well clothed, well fed, with medical aid, housing, schooling and all these things. They have but touched the outermost edge of the real human being.

They do not know man. Man is still the unknown quantity for these secular rulers who are themselves blind and in deep darkness of their ignorance. They have no knowledge, no wisdom, no real perception. They have
crammed their brains only with book-knowledge and are no better than computers. For a computer can also be given a lot of knowledge if you feed enough data into its computer-brain. And immediately it will tell you everything you want to know, and also what you don’t want to know. When man gets old his memory goes and he forgets whatever he has learnt. So this is not the real man. A great doctor and scientist Alexis Carrel, has written a book "Man the Unknown", that man whom man himself does not know.

So our secular heads of state, with their body bound consciousness, who are slaves of their senses and passions, who don’t know themselves and the real destiny of man, what can they provide for this inner process of evolution? It is only the wisdom teaching of the sages and seers, of the great mystics of the ancient times, the medieval times and the modern times who can give you solid directions and light upon the path of man’s great destiny to divine perfection.

Place and time, background and culture do not matter—their ultimate absolute experiences were all identical. Therefore my beloved brethren, the destiny of man is not what the limited vision of social or political
theoreticians may give. They can only talk about the terrestrial level. It is the mystics who can tell you: "You are more than man. And therefore your destiny is more than a human destiny—it is a divine destiny!" This human status is a wonderful opportunity and chance given to you to be utilized in an intelligent manner for working through this present state of body bound and gross material consciousness into a higher state of free spiritual and divine consciousness.

It is the ultimate goal of life. This is your true destiny. You have come here to work out that DIVINE DESTINY!

Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan:
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
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