The Essence of Expression

The Essence of Expression

by Linda Gadbois, Ph.D. @

..Expression,like various forms of creativity can be used positively- to uplift,instruct, inspire, bring beauty into the world- or negatively - tobelittle, demoralize, tear down and even destroy. Expression takes manyforms whether it's the spoken language, body language, a sermon, actingout in a state of emotional drama, any time an individual is active, ordoing something, they are "expressing" themselves.

Humansexpress themselves every moment, through every feeling, thought, word,or the attitude they walk through life with . . . with the metaphorsthey use, what they reference as examples, the story they tell aboutthings, about themselves . . every form of "action" is creative.Bringing an internal state into an external reality of some sort. Allwe are capable of doing is projecting our "self" onto our enironment.Every thought, meaning, and perception is experience "through us" asus. Our models serve as filters used to perceive the world as somethingunique and special.

This day and age, the "age of communication"we have lost the art of "performing ideas" - transmitting informationby developing skill at expressing it. Yet, it is the emotional qualityof the information that provokes action, that motivates us to dosomething, to act based on the "feeling quality" of the information wehave been given. This is the true art of "inspiring" people. To inspireis to take a standard goal or desired outcome, and perform it in a waythat engages people emotionally in personally identifying with the goalin a way that compels them towards it, creating a desire in them to"do" something to make it come true.

To act in a fashion thatsupports and creates a physical reality motivated by the "feelingquality" of the idea as it was communicated. We all seek to be apart ofsomething that is greater than ourselves. The greater the emotionalquality of the expression, the more clearly we relate to being apart ofwhat's being expressed. If, by relating to it, I feel . . ."courageous, powerful, able to serve, compassionate, caring, sexy,valuable" etc. - whatever the feeling, if it feels good, it willattract people who have that "desire" inside of them that is beingprovoked into reality by the emotional quality of my communication-which creates a path for expression. All great artist, communicatorsand leaders understand this.

To be a great artist, a greatleader, you must stir people's desire, touch them inside with emotionsthat compel them into action. Not because they should or it's the rightthing to do . . . but because they must! Creating and transferringemotion, creates a powerful desire to do something as a result of yourperformance. By activating the right "state of mind" you can not onlyinfluence people towards a common goal, but bring out peoplesmagnificence in the process. When people feel moved by something,usually the best part of them, the part that is passionate comes forthand becomes more apparent.

This passionate "presence" is whatperforms the action. When people act out of passion, they own andharness their personal power to self actualize. When you have theability to trigger this response in people intentionally you literallybring out the genius in common people, at will. What you see in them,they see in themselves. What we reflect we are projecting. When webecome invested in the fun of exercising our power to bring out thebest in other people, we simultaneously experience the best inourselves. To empower others, is to experience yourself as powerful. Inorder to express it, you have to have it.

To bring beauty intothe world by expressing it, is to become a conduit for attracting it, achannel through which beauty can flow. Focusing your mind on drawingbeauty to you, filling yourself up with it to the point of explodinginto existence - you become the living, breathing expression of beauty.Your cup runneth over. It becomes your experience, your common everyday reality! You are, by virtue of your nature . . . beautiful.



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