About a million people visit Global One TV every month...


Sometimes more. The common thread is inquiry - not a common belief system, not membership in a group and not to follow me or anyone else.


J. Krishnamurti often said that the nature of intelligence is inquiry. Once inquiry ceases, once one is satisfied with their conclusions, intelligence ceases. We come here to awaken intelligence - and not just the kind of intelligence that is the activity of that organ inside your head. We seek to transcend the known and to know Source as Self.


Although Global One TV  is my personal blog, it is also a place where people can meet, exchange ideas, create friendships, watch the worlds only 24 hour totally free (and ad free) spiritual television. There are about 70 groups on this site and a library of approximately 1,200 spiritual videos. I have added a chat room and we are experimenting with a new video chat section, which will no doubt improve over time.


Global One TV is what you make it. To some this is their spiritual community. To others it is a portal to other sites or a place to learn about a wide range of teachings on the subject of consciousness. I've had people tell me that they use the site as more of a sanctuary, a place to reflect quietly away from a world organized around its own survival.


I am only a vessel. I am fortunate enough to get to manage the site, to grow the site, to program the content and material and occasionally write a blog here and there. But I am not here to point you to me. Rather, the site is here to point you to you - to the truth about who and what you truly are.


There is no other site like this in the history of the world. We have reached over 19 million visitors so far. Let's make this light shine brighter and brighter through the focused intention of our collective consciousness, toward bringing a quality of awakening out into the world. The world is asking for this now. This world must break free of it's conditioning, as too must the individual - each and every one of us can break free. Freedom from the known makes all things possible.


When I look around me at all of the sleepwalkers whom it would be so easy to label as "sheeple", I don't see them that way. I see people who are asleep who long to wake up. Let us work together and usher in a new wave of consciousness into this world. Let us be truly revolutionary in our compassion and in our generosity in how we give something real to a world that is only pretending to be artificial.




Eric Allen Bell


Global One TV






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