Greetings dear ones, I´m Kryon of Magnetic Service. I would like to show you a special possibility for your personal clearance, which is available since a few months for all humanity, particularly to the awaked. Forcefully Waves of divine energy are streaming through the planet and his inhabitants at present. I would describe them as “Golden Waves”, they are electrical flushes of love. Those Golden Waves will present you opportunities to work effective with yourself, with earth or other people. I very much would like to commend to you today this treatment for yourself.

What can this wave of love do, this Golden Wave? You only have to imagine the time is ripe, that from a distant corner of this galaxy, out of a storage-centre energy by ALL-THAT- IS, is made available for this solar system and earth to activate among others the light-bodies. This happens global. The first step therefore is the clearing of your own arrays/fields and those of this planet.

Expressed simply this wave can do so much, if required. Those people who let go pretty much in the past, enjoy this high energy flooding through all their bodies, and then glide on a wave of high electric-frequency. This energy will ruthless catch hold of and bring to the surface every actual cleansing and discharge of misdirected emotions. Even very awakened light-workers feel this wave as radical clearing. Quite pitiless the drawers will be opened and old problems pulled out. Why should you resist against this? That would make no sense. Eventually you have to transform old things anyway. Why not make use of this opportunity and let it happen now? As you might have thought maybe this Golden Wave has her own rhythm. She operates in divine order.

I will now show you how you can work exactly every day with the Golden Wave. Should your life be slightly in confusion at present, or cumbersomely, and your heart will be heavy and feel pressed because of all these old things, then lie down every evening in the Golden Wave. I commend the evening, because you will sleep gentle, wonderfully and secure and this power resumes effective. You too may choose one hour if it is possible for you where you are not disturbed. Officially you take a nap maybe. Lie down close your eyes and do beg the Golden Wave to flood through your whole body. What now happens will be different. It depends on the state of your evolution, of the kind how you heightened your consciousness already and how far the helpers of your ascend could solve the old things.

For some of you the Golden Wave will show herself as a thrust of electricity, like you touched an open power-line. The wave may come like a blow and flood through your body. Don´t be afraid. She may enter with ear-noise and – cracking or with beating of the heart. Maybe a wave of feeling the love is bouncing through your arrays/fields, or a lovely sweetness. Maybe it itches everywhere and you almost have the feeling like it tickles. The wave has her own rhythm. Let her work on you. She will stream through that, where you have problems at the moment. It will reveal at the physical level with headache or pain in your extremities, or through cough and a cold. She will sooth it or it straighten out. You already know these symptoms of changing of course. The Golden Wave is like a multidimensional specialist for clearing. She takes off everything you do not use anymore. She is a wave of grace. She may support your liberal processes too and stabilize that what you like to live now. She will help you to understand, that your thinking forms you and perhaps presents you a new point of view.

When you lie down for longer in the Golden Wave and let go everything, you will feel your thoughts slow down and are still mere peripherally there. It will be helpful, when you concentrate on your third eye, this activates the connection to your Golden Angel. He on the other hand helps you to let go everything and to give your thoughts no more (manifestation) power. Enjoy the silence, the serenity, and the divine sweetness.

You may experiment with the Golden Wave. She is like your own space of healing. For you only. And you may be confident that your activities in healing will change everything else as well of course. If you change yourself, you change the earth. Yes, you really may trust in this.

When you are cleared already, you went again through a phase of clearance. The Golden Wave can then be a magnificent opportunity, to let you simply glide on a heavenly wave, so you will float into the space of silence. The space of silence is an area where is no time. This area is inter-dimensional. She is the space too, where experiments with your own creativeness will occur. How does this function? Do experiment. When you arrive in this space, you will know what to do. I promise you.
The Golden Wave is a present by source to all awakened creator-beings, which escort the experiment of the training-planet earth into the New Phase. It is new energy pure, with a high probability-factor, that earth and human will reach faster a higher vibration frequency. The Golden Wave is the artifact of superlative, global reflected thereon, when we want to illumine the politic and the economy in this aspect.

You may adopt this present, you beloved human being. That human is revered, which lets specific the Golden Wave stream through unperturbedly at least once a day, to serve him-/herself and earth.

I´m in deep love and bond.


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Comment by Eckart on December 26, 2010 at 9:19pm
Dear Teresa you don´t have to reach the Golden Wave, the Golden Wave will reach you, you only have to ask for it, it´s so easy :-))))
Comment by Teresa Hernandez on December 26, 2010 at 8:59pm

I hope I can reach the golden wave...right now the tsunami wave of things to do is overwhelming me.

Thanks for the guide towards healing.

Comment by Eckart on October 18, 2010 at 5:00pm
Hi Al I´m glad you are able to feel it :-)

Comment by Motorcycle Hippy Al on October 18, 2010 at 4:42pm
Ahhh....."The Golden Wave".....I feel it!

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