The Hate Peddler

He gives candy to the kids..When they go out to play
He gives money to the village women..As they all go
about their day..He teases and flirts with the teenage
girls..As they too fall victim to his enticing siren song..
He counsels all the young men..With muscles so virile
so anxious and strong..

He embraces all the Elders and ask them about their
needs..He hugs and kisses the Widows..While all the
time he is preparing..To soon rob each one of their naive
daughters..Of their soon to be dead young life's seeds..

For he is the Hate Peddler..Every day he lives he is
selling us his dark wares..His script is one written in
destruction and chaos everywhere..For he has an evil
agenda so mean so violent and so vile..While strapping
another one of his live bombs..To someone else's now
unsuspecting child..In his world his is the only life..
He still openly treasures..Ready to fit someone else's
life into a new body bag..He has already sacrificed in
his mind's eye..Then so carefully calculated and fully

He gets his high inhaling everyones hate..Rejoicing as
he is delivering his message of death..And injury to some
one else's gate..Which is sure to soon modify the hands..
Of some unsuspecting souls new date..With an unknown
appointment..To which they will forever so late..

He is a master of terror and a highly skilled corrupter of all..
Once you sit in his chamber of violence and horror..If your
mind is weak..You too will soon embrace his call..He skill
fully plots his many missions..Surely to bring much suffering
death injury and misery to all..

However he will always require..The sacrifice of someone
else's life and blood..Even though he will supply the water
and the dirt..He does not want his soft hands to be soiled
in his own sickening mud..While he will always do everything
he feels..Is so necessary to protect his own..For in his mind
He must always be..The supplier rigger and the trigger..For
his foul deeds..He for sure wants to become so very well

Privately he feels he can never be defeated..For there
is so much hatred everywhere..Everybody truly dislikes
somebody..So he knows the need for his services..Will
always be waiting in the silence..Of the shadows so near
right there..In each one of our hearts so visible so clear..

By morning Sun he will be in Gaza..By noon Iraq and
Iran..By mid afternoon Syria Russia..By evening India
and Pakistan..With a final layover in Tibet China and
Taiwan then Japan..Then of to Cambodia with a brief stop
in Saipan..Before falling asleep for a few hours in
a back room shop..In the highlands of Afghanistan..

Evil has to always be moving is his mantra..For him
there is no night or day..Only more real Hate to Peddle..
So many too easy willing minds..He still yet has to sway..
While hiding among and behind the innocent women..The
elderly staring watching the poor children at play..While
he is so willing so eager..To sacrifice them all..As his
shield is his adopted and chosen cowardly way..

Now some might conclude he only operates in the east..
and does not work in the west..But in North and South
America..He has invested so much in..Separating us from
the rest..From the Caribbean basin..To Africa Malaysia
Myanmar and Singapore..He has set his flag of hate in each
one of us..Unwilling to say to him and his evil empire of war..
You shall not have no home in me nor mine..From this day
there shall be no more..

As a renown Peddler of Hate he can't wait..For the next
conflict to soon escalate..In his mind no price is to steep..
In order for him to get..and have his way in us all..For he is
only responding..To his dark masters hate..Lurking inside
of each one of us..To place that call..Where some among
us are still so eager to disagree argue and fight..over nothing..
at all..To soon grab a gun and so very foolishly again..React
to validate his hate..and then heed his every beck and call..

Excerpted from "The African Journals" Vol I
"The Things I Would Say To You If I Could"
Authored By Daton O. Fullard
Copyrighted 2008 © All Rights Reserved

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Comment by Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers on January 15, 2009 at 10:01pm
Thanks for your expression of how haters are stuck in being narcissistic. Love is powerful. Jo Ann
Comment by Bookstolistento on January 15, 2009 at 9:44pm
Excellent writing - powerful and evocative.
Comment by professor angelicus on January 15, 2009 at 9:26pm

What a gift you are ! Thank you! The Hate Peddlers are filled with fear......we can only eliminate them with beautiful thoughts and beautiful words...
Comment by Mohammad Binlamin on January 15, 2009 at 9:25pm
Great Great Great !!!
Comment by Patricia Black on January 15, 2009 at 8:48pm
Hate Peddlers also must separate. One community for the next, one family from another, a sister from her sister or brother. Hate Peddlers can not do their work if we remain connected in relationship, trusting those we know in our hearts. Thank you for you reflections.
Pat Black
Comment by Daton O Fullard on January 15, 2009 at 8:45pm
My Heart is so overwhelmed I am temporarily stunned by your embrace of my thoughts shared..I will respond to each of you when I can try to catch up..Thank you all for sharing your thoughts..For each and everyone of them is more precious..Than the most valuable trinkets in any store..For they are the true Jewels of your hearts..Which to me are so truly priceless and do mean so very much more..
with great humility and sincerity
Comment by Kevin J Walsh on January 15, 2009 at 8:35pm
The law is not evil. There is investigation, judgement and vindication. The High In Proud are instigators by defiance and point the finger of hatred and think themselves better than the rest.
Comment by Cheryl Stowe on January 15, 2009 at 8:32pm
Sounds like Satan and great writing thanks to Jesus for protecting me from him and my babbies God help us all and spread his love so tall a wall noone can climb over.
Comment by S.E.Ingraham on January 15, 2009 at 8:29pm
Well done indeed!
Comment by Mari on January 15, 2009 at 8:28pm
Daton, my GIFTED Brother,

Your words paint an image that I cannot turn away from. You say what I know. Now, we shall continue to resist the lures and bait of Hate Peddlers everywhere, with our eyes as wide open as our peace-loving hearts.

It's far better to sustain
ones life on plain
salty grain and remain
a little bit hungry
than to consume the insane
honey-coated shame
of Mr. Hate and Mrs. Pain


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