Dangling sails in doldrums,

gently rocking in a dry lull,

full of dead silence & vasteness,

no shore, no lighthouse in sight?

A nutshell in fragile suspense,

afloat on a sea of emptiness,

in the blue-turquoise sereneness

of an immersed sunny paradise....?

Opalescent reefs glut with sand,

rainbow-multi-couloured seafood,

afloat with bellies sunny side up

in eddy waters of chilly sadness?

Gridlocked on a vast sandbank,

stuck in low tides of emptiness,

dusty winds of dried bleakness,

on a horizon of drowned sunrises....?

Flattened on an arid river bed,

interspersed with the sere weed

of banks carved by vestiges of meaning.

Dead silence in the wings of a butterfly....?

Obscureness coating outer lightheartedness,

a full moon inclined on an empty sky,

while stars implode back to inner space,

absorbed by a dark ballon in whizzing deflation.......?

Looking down through the lonelisphere

on the tops of fell-fields of atrabiliousness,

weathered by the acerb storms of despair,

dust of melancholia covering acardiac rocks?

Lithospheric crevices sallying out insipid steam,

remnants of lava streams bubble in seely solitude,

under tectonic displacements of abysmal sense

an earth core at downtime in deadheartedness.....?

A dark star void of inmost radiation and energy,

fused by mournfulness and appropriatelessness,

on its drift through the space of unconsciousness,

in a homeless universe filled with seas of dark tears?

A senseless journey abreast the celestial highways

beyond the milky ways of dedication, devotion, and passion,

and off the paths of the falling stars of enlightenment,

only few of them dispersing tiny sparks with their wand of eros........?

A cruise trough a universe full of false promises

in a deep space enriched with hideous alpha-gravity

a journey void of honest appreciation and neededness,

a trip on the downside of true appropriatedness and destination......?

A candle at burnout, a suffocated flame,

in a breathless air void of lively oxygen,

filled up with carbon monoxide of uselessness,

caught under a bell jar of unlively constrictedness.....?

Running in endless inner circles, crawling slippery

round glas walls with no peaceful corner to retreat into,

We just sit and stare into this humdrum hamster wheel....


We light anew another meaningful candle of attentiveness......

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