the intelligent characteristic symmetrical

The intelligent characteristic symmetrical balance of five-layer structure and the substrate mutually stable, self-regulation to eliminate the internal stress due to indoor temperature, humidity, moisture and other environmental causes, ensuring a solid floor in the best condition. Dekor wood flooring product structure to perform the highest level of health level of E0, truly in line with national health levels. Environmental health is Power Dekor has the advantage, but this advantage has been a greater play in environmental protection and application handrail designs for deck stairs Saudi Arabia of wood structure floor. With the growing popularity of geothermal heating for the floor used in the geothermal environment, green wood structure Dekor flooring also made a qualitative improvement.

The five-story structure with a new design, both to increase the stability of the floor, to better meet the heat exchange and heat transfer requirements, the product showed excellent thermal stability. Dekor plus international patent lock technology, to ensure that the important features of an interlocking mosaic floor junctions and super resistance to deformation, anti-shock, crack and so on. It truly does not crack, the same type, not warped, very suitable for the climate and the use of special equipment to warm conditions. Dekor wood structure is made from natural wood floor surface composition, no distortion, no cracking, pavement simple, good surface abrasion resistance and slip retardant properties, retains solid wood flooring natural wood and comfortable foot feeling. Meanwhile, the product than three parquet new layer substrate layer and balancing layer to improve comfort while Jiaogan floor will be more stable performance of the floor into a new realm of the extraordinary.

In addition, solid wood flooring structure as a high-tech, innovative wood flooring, can effectively improve the utilization of rare wood, so that the quality and environmental protection has been perfect unity, one has become the object of favorable consumer market. From the decorative effect, Dekor wood structure floor with ordinary wood floor cost per square foot for fir decking Southampton surface exactly the same effect, and the panel material are based on high-end luxury wood material processing, wood naturally clear, full and thorough, exudes a full gloss shine color, fully embodies the noble, natural, elegant, tasteful decorative effect. Let you experience the unique fashion floor sales to industry estimates, the wood structure Dekor new wood flooring has many advantages in addition to traditional wood flooring, but also has greater stability, greater durability, better mute and cost more prominent features, is bound to become the new darling of 2009 the flooring industry in the future, she will also occupy the mainstream position of sales floor.

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