the islam in the eyes of my parents

in our village,my parents during my childhood they asked me to make my prayers,all they cared for is the eternal life,afterdeath life.they do not even care about becoming rich in this life,the success in life is very connected to our commitment in doing your religous duties,my mother always said"make your prayers if you want God answer your demands and bendicate your efforts" my mother did not cesse to mention examples to make me see how she was right "look to that youth who keep doing his religous duties how he is succefful and benidcated in his life and efforts" my mthere used to say to my parents if you do not make your prayers five times every day you can not my parents my life is partially predistinated and partially determined by my behaviours and my obedience to God and islamic teachings.religous duties according to my mother are five prayers every day,fasting Ramadan when becoming adult and making pilgrimage to mekka, when becoming old, if having possiblilities(money) if not muslim is excused,also obedience of God should embodied in avoiding diabolic acts and behaviours,like robbery,adultery,aggressing others etc.when you agressed by powerful person or persons,all you have to do is to ask God to take revenge from them and make his justice .to my parents "the prayers of the aggressed and opressed is answered by God" because God witnesses every thing" my parents' philosophy of life is "man should work and do goodness to be able to see and meet the face of God at eternity" to my parents this life is short passage and exam to man to show his obedience to God teachings and to avoid adam's sin.i can not forget my mother voice when she waked at dawn and started her prayers mostly asking God to save all the family and to show us the right path. each time i want to leave the door of our house , she asked me to recit some verserts of the Qur'an to save me from all eveils.

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Comment by Sabriyah Fatimah on November 30, 2009 at 1:50pm
May Allah bless your wise mother. I am now trying to teach my son these things also. I think also we must not be afraid of the world or let it confuse us. We must remember Allah and seek His help in choosing our path. We should never be ashamed of being poor in front of the rich. They are only people and we are only people. We should respect all the people, even if we find them misguided. If I cannot find a nice way to advise someone, I pray for them.
Comment by omarkhayam on March 25, 2009 at 2:16pm
thank you stephanie
as answer to your wondering, if i find it difficult to accept others who are brought up differently;well when i was still a child till the adolescence,because or region is a touristic region, our touch with tourists, which is frequent,cause even our village witnessed waves of tourists come visting the valley of Draa,this contact,cractrised by admiration and curiosity,, even the society is conservative and warn childreen to avoid tourists, cause the tourists come with different style of life, dressing,complete amalgamation between men and women,this really chocked the old people of our village, but to us the cildreen , is a world that provocate our even the warnings of the old people we keep runing to the touristic camps to discover, we beg pens we as childreen we find our selves between the nail and the hammer:from one side;the attitude of of the conservative society, that feel the menace of those foreigners,who come dressed in a way prevented from the religion.and from other side , the curiosity and admiration we feel inside towards these tourists, cause they embody for us,the beauty,cleaness etc, whereas we dirty,we look naive and primitive.francly ,personally such situation caused me a confusion and devision, there is one part of me that want freedom, and this part see many things of our conventions as unjust and unfair,and there is another part that warn me to go that path,cause as the faqha'religious schoolar' never cesse to remind us that they are two paths, good one is to follow islam teachings and the bad path to against these teachings.
yes i do beleive too that diversity is important thing to all humanity, just imagine if you live in a society where the regime tell you how to behave in all levels, till you make just as a machine,the life will be boring.imagine you travel every where and you find the same style of life as in your country, you will feel that traveling has no value, since you will see copies of your society.i have no problem with religions at all,i try to be as objective as possible,if i hate some one because he has different faith,i should wait the same feeling from this person twords me.some people feel that diversity is a threat to them but i do not see that,i beleive in relativity, no thing is perfect and no thing is comletly bad.
no im without faith, my faith is humanity,before im muslim, or christian, or jewish im a human being.what is the aims of religions? is it make prayers? what the use of these prayers if you are bad in your behaviour?
me too stephanie im glad to have you as friend,yes great thankings to silvana,she is nice and kind friend
Comment by Stephanie on March 23, 2009 at 11:49pm
Your writing is so important for us to see! And I feel that perhaps there are not that many young people like yourself who write the things you have. It helps us to understand you.
other religions or upbringing of children can be very different from how you were brought up. I wonder if you perhaps find it difficult to accept others who are brought up differently.
I imagine the best thing is to respect all people, no matter what they believe. How do you feel about this? Is it hard to imagine being of a different faith, or without any faith at all?
thank you so much for sharing this - I am glad that Silvana brought me to you!
Comment by omarkhayam on March 23, 2009 at 9:57pm
dear friend i do agree with you, during my childhood i divded the world in two , that of evil and that of good, of course such division make person feel always guilty especially when you live in hypocrite society,i had passed that chok, cause when i was child i respect some people , who think pious people,but when we grow up we discover the truth of people,the mask of hypocrity fell down.this made me anxious,and lost.
Comment by silvana on March 22, 2009 at 9:58pm
it's a strange world for me this you're describing. religion is very rooted here in italy but not so much in my family. but what about the feeling to be always guilty? when you're happy you can allow yourself to be or you feel guilty?

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