Following the Bulls at the United Center with a large photo of Anthony and the ubiquitous "Melo" welcome him after Anthony's next rocket to be outdone, on the electronic screen  saucony shadow original uk   placed in front of the Toyota Center, Rockets jersey wearing a melon picture waiting for his arrival. Anthony said the championship is his top priority, which Howard believes that "this is great, you want to win the most critical is willing to sacrifice, we will make the best thing for our team, we all want to win.

I think Cameron, myself, James (Harden), we at the stage of his career, the other is not important. We all have a personal awards, he has scoring into an All-Star, and only one thing he has not, and I have the same thing. At this juncture, the only thing I want to do is win.   saucony jazz original uk   In the end of the day, we want to do is win a championship. This is why I came here, this is our goal, to win the championship. He will become an important part of it. Anthony had asked MacArthur rocket attack system, had also asked why Howard will choose rocket last summer. Howard told Anthony that he loved the city, and he has received strong support from the management and coaching staff.

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