Corbin harney was born into a Shoshone family on the Nevada-Idaho border.
His grandparents raised him in the traditional ways of there people, teaching him the ancient spritual beliefs that sustained their culture.
As an adult, he found his calling as a traditional healer and spiritual leader.
He became involved in the Shoshone struggle for civil rights, including their efforts to protect and heal their traditional lands in what became the Nevada Test Site.
This involvement led Harney to his eventual role as a leader of the international antinuclear movement.
The Nature Way is a rich compendium of Corbin Harney's experience and wisdom.
His account of his life incorporates the tragic history of Native Americans in the Great Basin, his realization of his own identity as a Native American, and his long study of his tribe's traditions and spiritual practices.
His summary of the Shoshone people's use of indigenous plants for food and healing highlights their understanding that the Earth and its denizens and products must be respected and protected in order to preserve the connection that all creatures have with the sacred Mother Earth.
Finnaly, his account of his role as an antinuclear activist expands on his awareness of the human responsibility to protect the Earth from the extreme danger posed by nuclear energy, especially that of nuclear weapons.
His voice is one of the clearest expresions yet of the values, concerns, and spirituality of contemporary Native America.
He offers all of us, whatever our origins, an eloquent plea that we respect and cooperate with Nature to ensure the survival of this planet and all that lives upon it.

Ths book the Nature Way is publiced by the University of Nevada Press
ISBN 978-0-87147-788-6

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