The Newest High Speed HDMI Cables with Locking

Listening to the over 150,000 pro installers who use our products exclusively in the commercial Cable TV/Satellite industries, we found that the biggest challenge to HDMI performance and reliability was the connector itself. HDMI connectors can easily loosen and become disengaged in a way not visible to the naked eye, causing errors up to a total loss of signal.
Perfect Path developed and patented the first Locking Connector for HDMI Cables, with more than six times the holding retention of conventional HDMI. With Perfect Path HDMI Cables, for the first time, both performance and reliability of HDMI connections are perfect. HDMI cable provides a perfect connection for HD devices. The Perfect Locking HDMI connector keeps the cable securely locked when plugged into any Type A receptacle, yet is easily disengaged with a simple pull of the connector body.
The patented, industry-first Perfect locking HDMI cable grips a port with ten times the strength of conventional connectors for more than 25 pounds of retention. Delivering top-quality 1080p HDTV video and Dolby Digital DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD audio, the cable features unsurpassed reliability with the distinctive strength and flexibility afforded by Perfect Path's Perfect Flex jacket. Additionally, supporting in-wall use, PerfectLock features PerfectLink technology to maintain signal continuity and eliminate pixel loss/distortion for lengths more than 40 feet. This HDMI cable offers future-proof support for 3D TV and 4K x 2K resolution
The HD 1000 Series by Perfect Path breaks the boundaries of the HDMI system, now and for the future. The world's first truly locking HDMI solution that supports the ethernet channel-providing high-speed bidirectional communication for all connected devices, thus reducing the need for a separate Ethernet Mini HDMI Cable.
The Pefect Path HD 700 Series gives you the same groundbreaking performance of the Perfect Path HD 1000 Series - without the Ethernet Channel feature.

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