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"The Other Person inside You"

As he stood and looked silently but intently into the mirror
He soon began to see another image arise in his soul..An
ugly image..He already knew he kept on chains..He so badly
hoped would never break..Allowing this inner beast to unfold..

For he knew everyday..When he awakened to begin his day..
The first place he would need to check out..Would be where
this inner beast of his..Would be made to stay..Remaining
trapped imprisoned inside of him..For just another ordinary..
Rather routine an ever so hopeful..for an uneventful day..

As he slowly emerged out into the world..He knew certain
things were dressed so well..In what was implied..Which he
knew all to easily..How to recognize and tell..What was often
definite legitimate and true..That lurking inside each and every
vehicle..Bearing a soul of human life..A similar beast dwelled
hidden among the shadows..So very well defined and often
concealed in all we say..Feel smell think taste touch and do..

Some of us are very good at camouflaging..What we really
privately know..That what is lurking in our hearts and soul..Is
not all perfect right and true..But rather than be forthright and
completely truthful..We will sometimes let this inner beast
have his way..While allowing it to select and to decide..What
it is that it would like..For each and everyone of us..To just
blatantly without thinking..Outwardly express say and then do..

Many will say so self righteously..What they think you may
want them to hear..While often circling out of sight..In the
nether shadows..Is all their very immaculate impressive..
Recollections of precious stereotypes..Each one of which is
so meticulously catalogued..In the sacred halls and walls..
Of their older prejudices..Some still vivid some fresh..Some
still resonating oh so clear..

Resting carefully in the corner..Lie Libraries that we all have..
Once bought from a hate bookstore..To..try and help us to
somehow..Still be able to rationalize and justify..The things
we have come..To embrace about each other so falsely..That
helps fuel and feed our beast of hate..That some among us
does dislike..Yet we still choose to embrace loathe and fear..

Located inside this so called safe sanctuary..We each have
created and then finally moved into..Within our cyclical minds..
We have so carefully stored..Every possible alternate excuse..
Each one of which is now so readily available..So easy to
classify..To soon pull forth as needed ..To very conveniently
retrieve..Use to soon apply about others we find..

Lets see what is it I shall love or hate today..What kind of
mood am I in..Hidden so well in this skin..What colors and
thoughts of Humanity..Do I not like..What do they stand for
and say..Which side am I on that I so want others to see..
When I raise my pro or anti hate flag..I truly feel I must raise
up so proudly..With my visible indignation..So determined am
I..To show all who would dare to..Disagree with me with my
ignorance and my arrogance so illuminated and on display..

These silly performing marionettes we daily become..As we
go about..The business of our lives each day..Some of us will
be trying so very hard..To not let our inner ignorance..Be the
one choosing the very words..We each sometimes so very
indifferent..Quite cavalierly and often so self-righteously..Will
allow unthinking..To soon escape and very soon be put by our
mouth into play..

Never seeing the lurking Beast of Our Ignorance..Hidden so
very well within..So cleverly manipulating subtly influencing..
What words or actions you will soon have to choose..Whether
to somehow abandon or defend..Which of course will soon
become so visible to..Who you say or define today..As either
your oldest newest..Or most recent enemy or your best friend..

According to the Laws of Opposites..If you must know none
profit..When one only sees in the mirror..What one embraces
as the image of a friend..Yet sees not the shadow of his or
her own beast..Hiding while denying..that no such animal could
possibly be alive within..The confines of ones own body mind
heart soul..and sometimes very prejudiced and insensitive skin...

Just a thought on why prejudice and discrimination..Still hides
among us..Occasionally finding an exit through Our thoughts
and words..Using our anger sometimes to injure others..With
what we hastily will sometimes think..Which I am convinced
should never be muttered..Articulated thought spoken or

Excerpted from "The African Journals" Vol I
"The Things I Would Say To You If I Could"
Authored By Daton O. Fullard
Copyrighted 2008 © All Rights Reserved

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Comment by Daton O Fullard on November 29, 2009 at 10:13pm
My Dear Maggie..I am humbled by the gift of your thoughts and words..and truly appreciative..
Comment by Daton O Fullard on October 29, 2009 at 7:53pm
Fairies Comments

To My other Angelic Friends The Lady Rose and The Lady Alice Faye..You both are the reasons I write..and it is your Angelic Joy..That makes my life worthwhile..I am humbled by your generosity..and proud to have your generous Gift of Friendship..

Fairies Comments
Comment by Daton O Fullard on October 29, 2009 at 7:42pm
Fairies Comments

To Stephanie..The Heart of a Friend is a wonderful
refuge to see..Especially when the reality of a ray
of Hope..Is seen so very alive in the eyes of one
such as thee..

Thanks for the kindness of your words
Comment by Stephanie on October 29, 2009 at 6:56pm
Liked the tone of these solemn words. Thanks Daton for being the poet you are.
Comment by Daton O Fullard on October 29, 2009 at 5:40pm
Thank you Shells..for your positive words and affirmation..My Friend
Comment by Clicia Pavan on October 29, 2009 at 5:12pm
there is no way to peace Peace is the way - Gandhi
Gandhi used non-violence, we poets have to alert the world to help, everything is frontages, forgot the love of God and neighbor, to seek peace is action ...
26/10/2009 - 09h09
One in six people in the world wakes up not knowing if you can eat, "Sheeran said in an interview coletiva.Sydney (Australia), 26 out (EFE) .-
To me this is an abuse The Poorest populations in the world
The cost for imports and exports are expensive, I think that the Poorest to have to pay less for food, the world is 1020 billion people hungry.
"One in six people in the world wakes up not knowing if you can eat," Sheeran told a news conference, should be a priority of the richest countries to feed the Poorest children, reduce taxes, the taxes on imports to poorer countries
The future of the world is threatened, hungry children are the adults of tomorrow ... And how will this new generation of the world? Refugees, hungry patients, abandoned?
Poor countries pay more for food in spite of falling prices? This is violence, the world needs is peace - There is no road to peace, peace is the path-Gandhi
hurts my heart to know that children are going hungry
Clicia Pavan
no hay camino hacia la paz la paz es el camino - Gandhi
Gandhi la no violencia, que los poetas han de alertar al mundo para ayudar, todo es fachadas, olvidó el amor de Dios y al prójimo, a buscar la paz es la acción ...
26/10/2009 - 09h09
Uno de cada seis personas en el mundo se despierta sin saber si se puede comer ", dijo Sheeran en una entrevista coletiva.Sydney (Australia), 26 out (EFE) .-
Para mí esto es un abuso de las poblaciones más pobres en el mundo
El costo de las importaciones y las exportaciones son caros, creo que los más pobres a tener que pagar menos por los alimentos, el mundo es 1020 millones de personas hambrientas.
"Uno de cada seis personas en el mundo se despierta sin saber si se puede comer", Sheeran dijo en una conferencia de prensa, debe ser una prioridad de los países más ricos para alimentar a los niños más pobres, reducir los impuestos, los impuestos sobre las importaciones de los países más pobres
El futuro del mundo está amenazada, los niños hambrientos son los adultos del mañana ... ¿Y cómo esta nueva generación del mundo? Los refugiados, los pacientes con hambre, abandonados?
Los países pobres pagan más por los alimentos, a pesar de la caída de precios? Esta es la violencia, el mundo necesita es la paz - No hay camino hacia la paz, la paz es el camino-Gandhi
me duele el corazón saber que los niños están pasando hambre
Clicia Pavan
Comment by Clicia Pavan on October 29, 2009 at 4:53pm
Thank you my friend brother
Love, peace
Comment by Daton O Fullard on October 29, 2009 at 3:38pm
My Dear Friend Clicia and Sudershan..Thank you so much for sharing your words and your thoughts..There are so many things that are not quite so right..With Our Beautiful world..I only hope we have the inner fortitude and courage..To correct the things we each can within ourselves..By making a smaller effort become an even larger one..When we each can seek to make those who exist among us..That may be different..from us..

Be able to see the true benefits of becoming..A truly global Family of Humanity..That shares a real bond of Peace tolerance and co-existence..Where we close and each remove from Ourselves entirely..The Gate of Misunderstanding that leads some of us astray to the wider path of Hate..We all should certainly know.. This path that will sometimes lead one to employ racism and never ever the right way..
Thank you each for the sincerity of your heartfelt comments..
all my best
in Peace
Comment by Clicia Pavan on October 29, 2009 at 2:23pm
Danton, very good text
thank you!
Love, peace
I would say that the world continues with prejudice
against immigrants, blacks and religions
The woman is still not known for its work, would say that governments hides the real situation not to draw attention from real problems in the world, each day the middle class pays more taxes in return for taxes paid, she receives nothing, because education, infant health are not priorities in the World Today
Each time the world weapon ---
Countries not care for their children, but children fund conflict, increasingly the world weapon
The violence only increases, it is a snowball rolling downhill -
hides the real situation--
I leave the question
I would say that the world is fooling whom ?????
Yo diría que el mundo sigue con el prejuicio
contra los inmigrantes, los negros y las religiones
La mujer todavía no es conocido por su trabajo, diría que los gobiernos no oculta la situación real para llamar la atención de los problemas reales del mundo, cada día la clase media paga más impuestos a cambio de los impuestos pagados, que no recibe nada, porque la educación, la salud infantil no son prioridades en el mundo de hoy
Cada vez que el arma mundo ---
Los países que no cuidan de sus hijos, pero los niños los conflictos fondo, cada vez más el arma del mundo
La violencia sólo aumenta, es una bola de nieve rodando colina abajo --
oculta la situación real --
Dejo la cuestión
Yo diría que el mundo está engañando a quien ??????????
Clicia Pavan
Comment by Sudershan Upadhyay on October 29, 2009 at 2:02pm
The other person is never sleeps and even he never dies. Few sentence are very good like
Using our anger sometimes to injure others..With
what we hastily will sometimes think..Which I am convinced
should never be muttered..Articulated thought spoken or

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