Photo by michellelavalleecopyright2009 Sunset at Rodeo Beach, San Francisco Hi there! Thanks for the YouTube sites and your words of interest about NDE. I went to a weekly group meeting last night called "A Course In Miracles" and the section read had everything to do about what happens after the body passes from earth allowing for the spirit to soar the soul into the heavens. It states that there are no earthly words to describe such an event because it is beyond the earth’s reasoning. It is closer for me to say nothing at all and act out the experience through daily actions of kindnesses or projecting peace. It can be described as a song being sung by the wind as it travels through the forest. Anything which has to do with nature’s songs and the sounds created from it, or through the voice singing and releasing melodious vibrations are other ways to enjoy just a glimpse of the what’s on the other side. I write later and please ask any questions! I’ll also get the quote from the ACIM book. Blessings for now and peace to you always.

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