It is reported that since the beginning of April, the property market began to pick up, the enthusiasm of buyers has also led the home improvement market recovery. This reporter recently visited a number of home stores learned that, although home improvement patio fence panels building materials market is booming, but the wooden floor, but because of the pressure of domestic exports and price Showmanship. Home market price did not dare to pick up low-end products Fuson several large furniture store, to buy wood flooring customers flocked just to get new house keys Lee told reporters, "home to the wedding scheduled in October, too quickly decorate the house up."

Home improvement market to pick up, but the floor price is on hold. "Laminate flooring prices have been low, and the competition so fierce, margins are not big." Provincial capital of a flooring brand dealers told reporters, "Do not look at the high price of solid wood flooring, in fact, end of last year, raw wood on the rise price, our profit is much less. But now the home improvement market finally warmed up, dare to price increases ah. " Domestic pressure increaseCheap Patio Floor Options high floor Kuangxiang hundred Yuan Compared with the low-end of the floor, "puerile", the floor began to fight high prices. This year's flooring market, three parquet called "meteoric rise." But the reporter learned that the current domestic production capacity of this type of flooring has reached 50 million square meters, was purchased by domestic consumers, but less than 20%, while over 80% are for export.

"Now at least half of European countries, fewer orders, most of all to the domestic three solid wood floor, and gave us a lot of selling pressure increased." Power Dekor provincial capital dealer Wang told reporters. Ms Fung nature of the floor of the provincial capital, said the dealer, "three solid wood flooring is the focus of marketing in the second half, in order to stimulate sales, we lowered the price of 100 yuan." Reporters learned that, although Dekor, Yihua, nature and other brands three solid Best Decking Floor Wholesale wood floors are none other hundred or so, but the price per square meter is still between 300-400 yuan, compared to nearly laminate flooring 200 yuan. "The current share of the three solid wood flooring is 10 percent." Consumers Ms Fung told reporters.

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