"The Raindrop and The Snowflake"

What is it that makes each of us so different..
As raindrops and snowflakes..Are not all one
and the same..Only the temperature location
time situation and circumstances..Ultimately
decides..Which of our written or spoken words
shall appear..In each others Life Picture frame..

However in selected expressions of our feel for
poetry..Truly none of us can be one and the
same..Which allows each of us to experience..
To savor taste and to drink from this well of Our
life..This intoxicatingly fresh elixir of powerful
words..Expressing and releasing our emotions..
As new thoughts dressed so very well..In Our
feelings of Our love frustrations joy and pain..

What is it about me that I most want others to
see..When they come across such words flowing
into life from my brain..Let me try to be thoughtful
careful respectful and conscientious..To build only
safe bridges..Roads and protective harbors with my
words..That lead each one of us away from our pain..

For our words let others look inside of us..So what
we choose to release..Will hopefully build friendship
awareness and trust..For living in the power of what
we choose to say..It is surely the lack of respect for
others..Not exactly perceived to be the same..Which
often erects walls of hate and dislike between us..

Poetry must build and point us to the future "says the
Master to the Student"..It is the power in your words..
Which shall lead others and show them the way..For
if you fail to understand..The hidden power lying within
this..No one will truly ever even see..Nor hear the true
words you speak..While just totally disregarding..Every
other useful thing..That you still might have yet to say...

Excerpted from "The African Journals"
Vol I "Things I Would Say To You If I
Could" Authored by Daton O.Fullard
Copyrighted 2008 ©

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