The Real Hikers - Who are Sarah, Shane & Josh?

As the release of the 3 US hikers grows more likely, this film shows the real faces of Sarah, Shane and Josh at work in Darfur, Syria and the USA.

Little has been mentioned, by the international media, about the lives of the '3 Hikers' before their incarceration in an Iranian prison, for allegedly crossing the border.

Iran's early statements that Sarah, Shane and Josh were suspected of espionage, were widely reported. This film gives a glimpse into the real lives and work of these three social activists.

Shane Bauer, a fluent Arabic-speaker, is a well-respected, published journalist who reported from Darfur, Yemen and Iraq. His insightful commentaries have covered issues not tackled by the mainstream media.

Sarah Shourd is a women's rights activist who, earlier in her career, was volunteers coordinator working to help stop the femicides in Mexico.

In the aftermath of the New Orleans Earthquake, Sarah was part of a team of volunteers helping survivors.
She later joined the Iraqi School Project in Syria, where she was teaching refugees.

Josh Fattal is a passionate environmentalist who worked at a sustainable living research & education centre in Oregon. He has a deep interest in food issues and had recently travelled with 30 students to India, China and South Africa.

Activist musician, Jackson Browne, supports this film with his anti-war song 'Drums of War'.

Sarah, Shane and Josh are passionate about helping to bring peace to the Middle East in whatever way they can; about helping to build bridges of understanding between different cultures.

They have become pawns in a political 'game' between powerful nations.

Please go to to find out how you can help.
If at all possible, please post the video on your own website/blog too and share with friends - and especially media contacts. Media campaigns often prove very succeful in freeing innocent prisoners.
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"We are writing in support of Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd, and Josh Fattal who have been unjustly detained for more than nine months.
These three young people are active members of a global community opposed to US aggression in the Middle East. They do not deserve to be punished for the policies of their government and the tensions they engender.

We hope that people of conscience throughout the globe will come to the defense of Shane, Sarah and Josh. If they crossed into Iranian territory, although this is unclear, they have already paid dearly for their mistake.
Iran’s continued detention of these three thoughtful and compassionate individuals who were on an innocent vacation is an unacceptable abuse of their rights in an effort to make a political point. We join together in calling on Iran to adopt a humane stand and release Shane, Sarah and Josh to their terribly distressed families"

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