The Sistine Chapel (Is it 5-D or 6-D?)

Entering the Chapel

from its rear

as you are supposed

to you walk into

a 6-Sided room

surrounded on all

sides by only Part

of His Life's works

and you See the Story

of this Planet Written

in so many Creative

ways all Around you

its Angels & Demons

its Secrets & Truths

its Love & Treachery

the Five Dimensions being:

above, in front, to your

left and right so look

beside you sometimes

as you keep moving

Forward through the

5th- the Space within

toward your Destiny

never look Back

it is what could have

been- the Sixth

Dimension's Destruction
Don't look back

as you tour

the Sistine Chapel.


Chicken With the Black Devil


it's hard to say who
it is exactly i am
playing chicken with
driving straight at me
headlights glaring

it's hard to say what
it is precisely i am
playing chicken for
pedal to the metal
engine red-lined

it's hard to say when
our courses were set
to hyperspeed collision
but it was is and will be
we will collide eventually

it's hard to say where
either of us came from
far out intergalactic
invaders here to play
a game of Chicken

it's hard to say why
either of us agreed
to this or maybe we
didn't but i will run you
over if you test me


Inexplicable Bird Droppings


somewhere described as a suspected tornado
and across an ocean claimed to be power lines
fireworks or inter-species collision resulting
from sheer terror induced in all cases by
human activity

the Birds came so unexpectedly and so soon
murdered by blunt force trauma somewhere
between their Home and the ground they
were lost to the horrible consequences of
human activity

some blame the Birds on the Apocalypse
claiming it as a Sign of the things to come
the End is near they say so worried about
what happens next they forget that today
human activity
is to blame.


The Glass House


The Diamond gleaming with Sparkles
Of all Colors Shapes and Species
The Glass House i landed atop
Alone unarmed and unwitting
Letting on i don't know It's On
Annihilation is on the Menu today
Nothing can keep This from shattering
Not your Home just your way of life
It didn't work your approach was flawed
Hoarding your 'wealth' and losing self
Imposing 'conscience' on Innocence
Losing touch with Truth & Health
Arguing, warring shooting holes
Through the walls of your Glass House
I sit atop and looking through the Glass
One time was enough to Know
Nothing will Exist if you shoot the Roof

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