"It is the function of creative people to perceive relations between thoughts, or things, or forms of expressions that seem utterly different, and to be able to Connect the seemingly Unconnected".


Where chaos begins, classical science stops. There has always been ignorance about disorder in the atmosphere, in the turbulent sea, in the fluctuations of wildlife populations, the oscillations of the heart and brain...

Classical (western) science is the science of logic, of linearity, of definitions...
We believe that where 'classical science stops', the real fun begins.

We want to explore the chaos of ideas that try to depict this adventurous century and form the roots of the century ahead. Because we believe that within the chaos patterns can be found. And these patterns will enable the formation of strategic thinking.

Names and boxes

The classical method for the investigation of systems and processes is a flow chart - a network of discrete 'boxes', each named, and connected together, in a hierarchy of ' decision '. Useful though this method may be, boxes often exclude the very information that might be needed. And in a world where barriers are falling, frontiers collapsing, disciplines intermixing and culture going into the melting pot, these precise delineated boxes no longer reveal truths, they conceal them.

The Lake of Ideas

We prefer to think of a name, or a box, as a stone dropped into a lake of ideas. Each 'stone' produces concentric ripples which spread out and intersect with other ripples, creating complex patterns of interference - which might be called chaos. It is the the resonation of ideas with each other that interests us most of all. It is in the spaces INBETWEEN that excitement lies!

One basic law of organic evolution is 'increasing complexity'. Things never get easier. On the other hand, the simple smoothness of a pebble on the beach is the result of millions of frictional contacts with other pebbles in the surge and ebb of the tides. Ideas become beautiful in the same way. Our ideas may one day be beautiful - but for the moment we are interested in the waves, not the beach. Not in the concrete, but in the ephemeral motion which is the result of conflicting energies.

Operational Research (OR)

Operational Research (OR) was a system devised during WW2 to solve unique problems of technology, logistics and strategy. Radar was one of the hundreds of answers to vaguely positioned but urgent problems that OR produced.

The principle of OR was that new circumstances required innovative methodologies.

An OR group was always a mixture of different professional disciplines. A botanist, a mathematician, a chemist, a psychologist, an astronomer - each OR member brought to the group a discrete worldview or logical system, and also detailed knowledge and understanding of the structure of that system. But none of them could solve the problem alone. ONLY THE INTERSECTION of these systems produced innovative thinking.

The clash of these systems, the impossibility of mapping one system onto another, is what often sparked the INSIGHT - the FLASH OF INSPIRATION that firstly defined the gestalt of the problem, and eventually led to it's solution.

I believe that the principles of OR can usefully be applied both within and outside commercial and institutional organisations which seek fresh input into their systems of management, operation and, especially, communication.

Success for the whole symphony orchestra

Traditional notes can be described as a linear process chart, where the notes are "fixed" on a stave. The score of contemporary music is a time-dependent graphic representation. It is a composition played with several instruments, but there is not necessarily even one traditional note or a stave. It can for instance be a circle filled with indigenous symbols, which represents a totally unidentified chaos for most people, but in the eyes of the composer a well ordered goal which generates success for whole of the orchestra.

SICU (Synergy Integrated - Connects the Unconnected)

SICU is founded in that spirit of exploration - to bring together different creative disciplines and to discover the resonances and dissonances between them. SICU represents many things: ombudsgroup, think-tank, concept exploration, simulation, OR, an open, and a multifunctional marketing agency, and a multidimesional virtual organization. It will remain many-faceted because the very nature of the chaos facing us is that the old boxes and linear flowcharts cannot serve us any longer.

SICU is the acronym of the name and slogan; Synergy Integrated - Connects the Unconnected.
On the other hand the Finnish word SISU is a conception. SISU (Sauna & Sibelius) is a central part of the Finnish national identity. SISU is an ability to get things done, describing staying power, will power of iron and decisiviness to get things done even against impossible odds.

SICU Synergy Solutions Group (SICU SSG)

SICU SSG is a Virtual Organization, a Strategic Alliance and a Self-Organising-System covering a broad range of collaborations in which SICU members and global partners combine their core competencies to accomplish social change and meet divergent business objectives.

The expectation is that drawing Professionals representing divergent professional disciplines, different organizations, from different parts of the world under the same "SICU Sunshade" may be the catalyst needed to get over the coordination barrier - over all thinkable borders. SICU offers innovative solutions and resources in order to solve problems of individual customers, and to create cost effectivity, added value and multiplicative effects for businesses, corporations, brands, industries, institutions, and ultimately consumers in diverse markets.

I see that SICU can easily be defined as an Operational Research group as well both globally and "glocally". The SICU concept is designed to increase trust, interaction, value and cooperation between all parties involved, and to form Think tanks and Service Cluster teams in order to solve problems and to fulfil the specific needs of Individual Customers.


The act of creativity by itself is rewarding for many people. No audience, sale or reward may be necessary. The act itself is self-rewarding. Though a secure and ongoing income is the basic need of most of us people, there are also people who find the act of thinking to be self-rewarding; who find stimulation in addressing concepts outside their everyday life and work. It is the joy of unfettered exploration.

Trapped in a box?

The world is ' fuzzy ' - not black and white. The world is becoming more complex, not less. When the structure is collapsing - it's better not to be trapped in a box!
If you feel you are, please connect with SICU to be able to think and act over all thinkable borders!

LEARNING TO THINK (Art installation by Anthony Gormley) makes me think about all individuals who are trapped in traditional organizations of different sizes,
which I use to call Creativity Killers.

I believe that the principles of OR can usefully be applied both within and outside commercial and institutional organizations which seek fresh input into their systems of management, operation and, especially, marketing communication.

The undersigned is a referral agent of Space Adventures Ltd., and works as CNO for iloho.com. He is also an official partner of Snoobi Ltd.

Tom Merilahti
Marketing Integrator &
Communication Coordinator
E-mail: Tom@Sicusynergy.org
Web-site: http://Sicusynergy.org
Mobile head office: +358 440 255 053
SICU Synergy Solutions Group Network
SICU (Synergy Integrated - Connects the Unconnected)

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