There is no chance; there are only choices.........

In every person’s life, there is one defining moment. That moment is one you look back on and realize that it made you what you are. You may look at your life today and think that it wasn’t such a good moment, because you may be unhappy with where you are today. The fact still remains that your life changed because of what you learned about yourself that day. People often blame their success or failure on their circumstances, but the fact is that you are the master of your own destiny, the authentic sculptor of your own reality. so its oneself that makes up pain or pleasure, disguise or blessing, light to dark positive or negative.......etc with there own prepection and understandings.
My reality changed lately from 2003. I lived in a home of emotionally distant with codependent issues. Even at this a young age, without any education in such things, I knew I did not want to be like what others see me. I knew I was different. I could feel a certain presence within myself. Even though I felt separated from my friends and family in many respects, I never felt alone because of this presence. Then one day the presence spoke. It said to me, “No matter what happens to you, you will always be all right.”

That truth has defined me to this very day. I accept its veracity as unwavering, and nothing has ever happened to me to prove it wrong. Though I’ve encountered hardships, as almost every person has, I have never lost my Faith, wilness and hope. I have never lost my certainty that we live in an orderly universe, and that everything makes sense and has purpose. There is no chance; there are only choices. And WE make them.

Does anyone else have a defining moment they'd like to share? We can learn a lot from each other's experiences, and I'd really enjoy your input into this interesting topic.

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Comment by ljiljana on November 15, 2009 at 7:11pm
...we are that choice of this experience is many abaut,just one is was bring me all peace and joy i have!! that was after many years of meditation,start 1991. this experience hapend 2004 and withaut realy contentrate on mrditation,in bus!! hahaha!! its was so strong feeling abaut this creation and me as choice of him. And from this moment i am forget all my pain,my question abaut God,life,love,and abaut me as human bieng!! hahaha!! what is left ?? just LOVE and JOY!! and i am after that experience accept me as choice of this your all beautifull people...kiss you Mahendra,thanks for you are know abaut LOVE

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