Xue Jing almost laughed out loud, looked a long time, but it was one to cut the cucumber in it, she tried holding his mouth, and it did not laugh out loud. However, she was soon laughing, because read the ice wrist slightly doubled, and is a knife, the knife, cut it below the previous knife, a piece of paper-thin cucumber slices appeared, most strange is that this piece of cucumber are connected with the up and down, only subtle point, according to common sense point of view, the following JDA0909SKGD should be fully cucumber head weight can it fall off, but in fact, they are still attached. Ming Yuan subconsciously exclaimed: "! Lingering knife, a good knife ah" to say that, he quickly covered his mouth, but the eyes of the exciting light indeed can not hide, as a top chef, there is nothing better than to see their culinary imagination more perfect thing? Read the ice simply do not hear the voice of Ming Yuan cheap jordans sale, his spirit has been completely stay in the Okanagan cucumbers, and then move the knife cheap jordans online, but has not previously that twice in a slow, snow blade, wrist as if in the air flying in general, and even that the yuan's eye can not see exactly what has been done to read the ice, I saw the piece of cucumber and slowly falling, each one is like a little connection with that, by virtue of the TV drama subtle little head off with cucumber weight, slowly fall unto the platter to go, and cucumber heads aligned position, it is the middle of the plate, Daoguang flashing continued presence everyone stared. Los Sophie seems to read the ice cake cutting saw that scene, but it is clear that this knife cut cucumber much more difficult than the cake-cutting, and that each one is connected not only has a thin cucumber slices to the extreme, the most valuable uniform word, even where each piece and each piece is so connected uniform, with no blemishes.
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