this post is mainly about the coming elections

but 1st - a wonder:
it's been some time now since my last entry. i'm still wondering if this is the best platform for my international blog. the site has one major problem - it don't allow people who are not register to surf here, so - in order to read my blog one has to 1st sign in. mepeace has the same problem by the way.
i recently joined this site: since i'm volunteering in this movement. there is an option to write a blog there, & people outside of the site can enter to read it without singing in, but i feel that this place is not the propriet one for my kind of blog.
maybe i should search a platform that has nothing to do with peace, but just with general blogging. i'll continue to think it over. meanwhile i'm still here - after all - the community here is nice - it's mainly the accessibleness issue that bothers me.

anyhow - tomorrow there are elections in israel. one of the biggest issues for me is who of the candidates opposes to war. unfortunately - there was just one movement that includes jews who did opposed to the latest wars - that is HADASH - a joined movement to arabs & jews. it's not that i think that their platform is perfect, but on the other hand - their activity & views in general are quite positive in my eyes.
however - HADASH will probably enter to the KNESHET -the israeli parlament, & therefor i chose to vote for a green party, which seems to need a little push to get in. this party has again some very possitive views & actions in their resome, but they haven't declare their point of view on topics such as what was recently going on in gaza. that's a big disadvantage in my eyes, but all at all - they seem quite reasonable to me, & i still figured out that it's important that they would get in. at the moment there is no green party in the parlament, & this is a major topic, & besides - the rest of their platform seems quite positive to me, even though the "missing parts" in it are crutial. after all - if we'd get peace & justice, we'd be able to deal with the rest of the topics much easily, won't we?
anyhow - it seems unfortunately, that the majority of the population in israel is going mad in this period. it seems that the majority will vote for unti-peace rasist coalition. that sadenns me much. tomorrow we'd find out how bad things really are, but at the moment - it looks quite deppresing:(
anyhow - i hope that even if this frightening coalition would be elected, that the leaders would still come to make peace. it may happen - after all - they are not that radical, & with the right international atmosphery it may happen - things are not only according to israel - certainly not just acoording to israel's elections propaganda.
anyhow - let's hope for good results in the elections tomorrow, & in general - for a positive progress in the burning issues

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Comment by adi silberberg on February 9, 2009 at 12:25pm
ps - sorry this time i haven't checked my english closely

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