In answer to David's "I cry with you Abu al-Aish"

Three Fine Flames are Gone

These three bright flames are gone
whose fires once warmed our lives
this world just cannot weep enough
for all this pain within your heart,
nor can we fathom why they went
why were these flames snuffed out.

The inconsolable tears of a father
for all this pain and grief, he’s lost
the three most wonderful flames
that brightened and blessed his life
and yet his tears are for us all
for this his loss is our loss as well.

These three gentle flames of Peace
blessed all they shone their light on
as three soldiers of a gentler march
whose message of peace could have
melted the hearts cast in cold hate
but now this message will not be told.

Gentle father as you stand weeping
feel all our arms upon your sleeve
for you are not alone by these graves
we are here, all of us, silent, bowed
and in the sudden stillness we breath
and recall these three daughters we lost.

Your grief is our grief, tears we share
for each time one of our kin is killed
it is ourselves that are diminished.
Cruel fate to have killed right now
and never to have known that peace,
these three flames had hoped to see.

David © 17th January 2009

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Comment by *Giusy* on January 18, 2009 at 11:23am
Our merciful Father,
How can we stand before you
And dare invoke your Name?

You, Who have created all things
for the just and for the sinner
as You are the God who stands for Life,
Who has defeated Death.

You forgive our blindness, our atrocities
which we feel entitled to perpetrate
for the sake of JUSTICE!
Eye for eye, death for death!

Mercy, not sacrifice you want from us!
Love and forgiving
In place of hatred and retaliation.

The Pain is unbearable right now,
We can only share this dumb bereavement
With silent words.

We keep on praying as
we trust You will provide us with
the strength and courage to forget and
carry on striving for the setting up of
Enduring Peace.
Comment by Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers on January 18, 2009 at 7:08am
In my most desperate moments I dread and push away my fear of what has now happened to you "Abu Al- Aish", and although we have never met, when I let myself see you -- I feel overwhelming pain -- and I know I could not begin to imagine -- as a mother and daughter myself -- such a loss of the three "lights" that are your three daughters. Your sharing of heart felt total pain, out of the depth of love and depth of grief, are beyond words. Healing be with you now and may you find peace. After losses I have found people very close to me, even those I lost. May Peace come to all people. My words are humbly felt, with great sadness for your loss. Jo Ann

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