tibia on the front of the lower leg and knee injuries and will

 addition, prominent lines easier to quickly grind, when the time comes, you'll need to buy some new shoes. Also add: to remind everyone: a complex situation in the field, require a higher need of self-protection. Do not fully grasp the premise of road conditions, try not to get too difficult cross-country running. Also, running shoes and professional hiking boots must not equal the, do not attempt wearing backpacking TRAIL running shoes. (Except shoe producers have clearly stated that the shoes are capable of  nike air max classic bw some degree of weight through). In addition, the cross-country running much better traveled with, so you can take care of each other. 5. Racing and Track and Field-this type of running shoe apply the narrow scope, due to the development of competitive sports, these shoes are more and more professional, they are mainly providing professional athletes to maximize

their potential in the race to get good grades. Therefore, emphasized by these shoes and ordinary running shoes are not the same. Lightweight, thin, reflect the characteristics of fast is what it is. Unless you have enough in your exercise level and skills of self-confidence, or not too much to pursue professional. In addition, these shoe's life are generally not long. In addition to the dedicated Marathon shoes,  nike air max 90 many professional trainers be able to persist for too long time.How to master the correct running form running does keep calves thicker, sprinter's calves are very robust; running that the calf would be strong, more beautiful leg line, marathon runners all calves are very fine. Which resulted from the running form and running intensity led. At run time, foot first or feet while on the ground, then as a whole, the tibia on the front of the lower leg and knee injuries and will

strongly stimulate the calf muscles, resulting in calves thicker if running form is to use the heel touches the ground, and then scroll to the foot by heel. Running reduces running ankle pressure, to avoid injury. Toe knee remains slightly bent when landing, not upright, have a buffering effect on knee, can stretch the calf, stimulation of the calf muscles are not strong. Running this method will not make calves thicker. Running, we need to use all of the leg muscles to get the body to jump. Contribute mostly front thigh muscles, calf muscles are used and yet inevitable. In order to avoid thick calves, running has been completed, about lacing you can do sports, relax tight muscles. Even if a proper running posture, women jogging early will feel the calf is in the "long heavy", this is because when a runner, leg fatigue, stiff, stiff, tight feeling, let a female friend to produce the illusion

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