TIME FOR HEALING CHEMIACALLY 2 written for Healing International.

The name of our beloved friend here is Julia Danilenko.
She lost a nice human being recently.
My heart is full of gratitude for she exposing herself telling a story full of my intuition called POIGNANCY.
And it triggered me to speak on something - i remind the video THE WOUNDED HEALER did you see it? -
that was afflicting me the most, the lost of my relation in sensuous terms, sexual terms... with someone...
I was wondering WHY to suffer like the =hell= for another, and she did not understand also...
I was wondering how it is possible that here in brasil, many times one has killed the person who had been the beloved until few days ago...
Or there are people more masochistic as i was years ago, who would KILL HIMSELF out of the complete loss of the relation to another.
I heard about a term: CELLULAR MEMORY.
You just forgive my English, perhaps a bit failed, or academic.
Perhaps the book my friend Bhadra read is truly correct: it takes sometimes 5 long years for you to completely wipe out the chemestry another inoculated on your body.
I wonder even about AIDs or C hepatitis, or other deseases.
This last time it was the most horrible thing ever in this life, apart of the fact I am a sannyasin, now I REALLY I am a psychologist, and os on so forth... and I dont know gdrugs at all, but it is amazingly horrible to notice how we can suffer like hel mising a sexual recent partner.
it hurts, you feel a drag, you wanna kill yourself, you feel totaly inadequate, you feel guilty you said this or made that. You think your work is a b.!, you think everything you do doesn not worth a peanut. All these awful things happen when you chemicaly existencialy miss someone.
What is more horrible is the lack of informatuion and CONSCIOUSNESS on the matter.
Now you imagine if Janet misses a partner, a lover, called james. James died recently. Not jsut for religious reasons or so called "love" reasons, but Janet is full of many liquids of James inside of her ´physical body...
they had measured the differences and effects whe you take the saliva of someone and treat it lçike this or like that or with light or whatever - I dont exactly know.
But if Janet is full of seminal liquids still in her interior body, I mean it will take maybe months to some effects of his saliva to go away of her inner life.
Whe in love and kisses, kissing wildly and passionately, saliva of another goes to many places inside of you, ears, eyes, nose, liver, stomch, even lungs, liver again, and is LEAVES notes here and there...
It is fantastic to write here...
It is fantastic having entered in groups here.. Rita are you here? Did you see this? Julia, Ramita?
Geoffrey, are you there? Krystina, are you there? TINA? Joni?
Love again

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