TIME FOR HEALING CHEMICALLY 1- written to healing International

I will forgive my English mistakes.
I was talking to Julia Korovitchenko, in fact this is not the correct name. But... what's in a name.
I was talking to sweet Julia here in HINT, I sweetly call Healing International, HINT, and I will give you some HINTs.
On something very unusual.
I was telling Julia that if you have sex with someone, and you exchange fluids, as to say, you kiss each other in the mouth, for instance, hte saliva has a lot of chemstry and informations. it enters the body of the partner and gives these dna and other a's informations to the cells of the other another.
it really explains why all the time it happens I terminate a love affair, or God terminates it, as to say, there is a tremendous suffering, and I miss the other like drug. Like a syndrome of cacine, as to say, despite I never had cacine in my whole life, but they speak on cold turkey for instance, which is syndrome of abstinence. You suffer like the hell, missing the drug.
My last relationship was terrible, terrible terrible, terrific, horrible in this level. Disgusting. 62 years old in my body, experient, psychologist, brilliant musician, tarot reader, and I Ching reader, and nothing of this really had mattered. When she did not want to realte anymore, no matter the sweetness of the negation, a hurricane came inside me and through me.
It IS a drug affair.
In portuguese we call the happiness hormone SEROTONINA.
And another hormone which exists and a lot, in the woman breast is called OCITOCINA. I am not a pshysician neither a teacher of chemics. I just want you to understand that a lot of informations will come unto your body throuh the saliva of another or the seminal liquid or vaginal seminal liquid, or whatever liquid, sweta liquid you swallow thorugh your mouth, lovingly kissing your lover partner.
Bhadra, my friend in Joao pessoa, told me that perhaps it would take 5 (FIVE) long years for you to be freed from the effect of such liquids of another unto your pshysical body, so...
let us all watch out - if it makes any difference - with whom are you going to bed or couch.
I would like to create or to participate on a movement in which INNOCNECE AND INTELLIGENCE would be associated again with sex, bcause religions and entieties, families and affairs as businesses just destroyed (or tried to destroy, unsucessufully, thanks lord...) the most beautiful and pleasury and fine fenomenon in EXISTECE: sex between partners who love themselves.
WILHELM REICH would say that sex associated with love HEALS EVERYTHING.
he died in prison persecuted for his ideas, and they were very simple. if you enter into a box - they call it ORGON BOX as Reich used to call it - with your beloved and you stay there for a while, you get back your lost potency, for uinstance or whatsoever else.
In the past this was used by so called TANTRIK SEX PARTNERES (tantric couples), so they would make love to one another just inside of a large SILK SAC. As you know, silk is energy saver, you cant lose energy if you are inside of silk. Therefore they would make love inside of such silk sacs. You know what I mean, they just exchange energies in a close circle. Not with the outside of the sac.
You could make A SILK TENT and make love inside of it.
So the energy must be preserved and not lost with the outside circumstances.
This was part number one of our talk.
Love again.

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