After watching this clip I've got what is called 'cold feet'...So far we are,my dearest! Terror for now is our everyday...I don't expect to start a discussion forum here though it would be extreemly necessary.
This is such a realy nice site-people are sending a lot of testimony of love and friendship each to other which is great! But when I am watching such proves from our everyday I am asking myself if I will be ready to show a lot of love towards those who will burst into my house during the night time with no reason and will imprison me just because they would like to show a power over me(over any of us!). In such moments I oscillate between violence(which could be just self-defence) and non-violance.I am still not sure if I'd be ready to give away my freedom with don't doing nothing-by agreeing to be a slave,by accepting a power of evil. Even if I don't care of losing what we call-life,as we are immortal Souls,I still catching me on using such a term in my lexicon like FIGHT. Which kind of fight? I think-any kind! As we were born as a free men and this freedom is given to us by All That Is.And I think we MUST defend it by any cost!
I would be happy for any suggestions in this case.But I am sure for one-we MUST thinking of it!
They are already making us almost naked at the airports.They even control our e-mails and force us for who-knows-which-flue vaccination.They even hiding the sun from our view! So-the question is:HOW we can stay against all this? WHAT can we do for stopping this night mere?
Think about this,my dearest!
Love. Peace. Freedom.

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