To get enlightened by kicking asses ...

Enlightened by kicking asses … Is he getting crazy? How can you ever become ….?

Please before you judge me on the above title, let me explain a bit. I didn’t finish this sentence yet and it will become clear why. First of all … violence in any which way doesn’t feel good for me, unless an COPD patient comes to me and ask me for help. Opening the lowest chakra isn’t that easy … special techniques are required with the exception of one moment … ICE … In Case of Emergency … one grasping for breath, panic in the eyes, hands on their throat and begging for medication …

As you know the lowest chakra is at the base of the spine, just under the sacral bone and connected to the spine. Earthly energy is flowing through this chakra into the body and helps the body / being to be grounded. Breathing is a process that depends on ones attention … when your focus is on thinking, the upper part of
your body…there your breathing will be too. When your focus is on physical being, the lower part of your body, then your breathing will follow. Panic, grasping for breath, and other signs of an attack of COPD diseases is a signal of the body that the gravity-centre of the breathing is too high. In this case, and please… only if you know what you’re doing… a kick in the ass can lower the focus (stepping on feet as well) and therefore taking the breathing down.

But… realize before you practice this on a real COPD patient (with the risk of being prosecuted or being kicked back) … and now I’m going to finish my sentence…

To get enlightened by kicking asses, you have to start to kick yourself, or at least ask yourself the question: When I’m in contact with heavenly energy, I need to
be grounded to avoid flying…Am I???

Take a deep breath and smile...

With love


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