Happy New Year to you dear one.
I am strong enough not to cry. I am strong enough to cry a river.I am strong enpough to be vulnerable. I stand by those that are my true friends and people that I hold in esteem. Those that treat me with respect and communicate with me. I have no room for anyone that wishes harm to me. I would rather stand alone then be with anyone that is cruel to me I cherish my friends and that is true. When I allow myself to feel the extreme of love and the extreme of peace, pain and sorrow are wiped away. . My words will provide a place as the morning breeze does for my true friend. This is the foundation of love and peace.There is enough love to go around if we choose. The sky and heart can be unified. I live for the future that I imagine. The plans I have. I love .I am loved. . But I can't express enough love into a phone. Our friendship began and developed over time, Sometimes our love may or may not bring us together, but what is certain is that it will live a long time, like a story or poem.Like a river. Some day the peace will grow where people;people will be honest not manipulate or control; nor accuse without searching their own heart and truth. One day... and as that day becomes the early morning sunrise I know I pray for those that are truly dear to my heart. The ones I laugh with. The ones I do not hesitate to share a tear with. Respect. Love. Where I can be so open and honest where there is no doubt or fear. I trust you my friend as I do myself. So this New Year as I say my prayers for peace I also bless you my dear friend and may your path be a good journey as we travel home. I thank you for every moment that I spent with you and I cherish the future moments. I wish you peace as I do for all those that I hold in my prayer. May the world be more peaceful because of us. May the moon and stars shine the light day or night. May the candles burn in our private rooms as we whisper Peace to you the best in 2009, may you be every thing you want and may your dreams come true. I choose to no longer waste my time and focus on the peace and tranquility of the future. The real work. Hands up for peace. Hands up for those that touch so many. Gratitude for what we have or had. May i look into your eyes forever. May our creator bless you today and always. Love you Tascha

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