I truly believe that the key factor towards achieving a peaceful world is TOLERANCE. The word tolerance in an English dictionary is defined as: the capacity for or practice of recognizing and respecting the opinions, practices, or behavior of others. To this I would like to add that if a people believe they have a right to their beliefs, be they religious or political, cultural and traditional, they are obliged by their own sanctity to tolerate ( the word here is used productively) the same of another people. Tolerance means respect and acceptance......FEAR is also a major factor factor. WHAT ARE WE AFRAID OF? Afraid to let go of the old ideas and replace them with new ones; ones that are productive towards truly achieving peace in the world. Afraid to leave history where it belongs, in the past. A people's history is to be respected as it is a part of them and will always be that. but attached to much history are sentiments of pain, anguish and intolerance as well as FEAR. Let's leave history in the past and begin to see things in a NEW light for a NEW dawning of peace in the world and an end to hatred, suffering and FEAR................

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