Tomorrow Generation – Children of Tomorrow - The Peace Makers.

When we speak about peace, it has to be a long-term process. For world peace, we need a huge shift in societies thinking. The politician would not and cannot make the change; it has to come from the people who have to make the changes. For this change to happen parents have to become spiritually aware of their responsibility to society. In the present age, we think that we are in love, then we decide to have children, and then we end up in divorce court.

What society do we produce? One that are filled with aloneness, and fear. Those of us who speak about peace should first and foremost look at ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves if we have really taken responsibility for the outcome of our society. Are we emotionally fit to help bring about change? For many generation parent were not aware about emotional fitness, as such your generation is paying for it. Word do not make changes, only action can, and it has to start from the self.

Right now as adults, we will first have to prepare our self, than help prepare the passage for peace, as it is our children-the next generation who can really make the difference. The ignorant of your parent has left you with pain, which has to be first released. We live in a very difficult period as such we have to make greater sacrifices to pave the way for the next generation to bring peace to the world. Souls that come during this age of knowledge can help bring back peace to the world.

The important question is are we ready for them? Do we know how to be good care gives rather than playing the role of parenthood?

All souls who are born are only here to return home, and are not here to fulfill our desires. We must feel privileged to be give the opportunity to be caregivers to these souls. The essence of Indian philosophy is that each individual has the primeval spark of divinity in him/her, which he/she gradually discovers and finally realizes as their real self. The natural process of this evolution or the usual course of this pilgrimage is guided by two basic considerations namely, the law of karma and the law of reincarnation. In Tantra, these two laws are assumed as facts of Nature.

While we are speaking about peace, do we maintain peace in our home front? Do we take care of our elders, or do we just place them in old forks home, nowadays society has given this aloneness homes a glorified name, retirement home. Most Hindu families around the world find pride in caring for their elders as it was done in earlier societies, during the ages of peace.

How many of us have lived with our parents until marriage? How many of us have our aged parents living with us? If we cannot say yes to this two question, how can we work towards world peace. We cannot change what happened in the past, but we definitely we can help change the future. Let us learn to take responsibility first for our family, then the world. If we can establish peace in our own home, then peace will come to the world.


Parents all over the world have not been conscious of parenthood unlike the spiritually awakened ones. Spiritual aware couples will generally take a conscious effort to copulate with a view to offer a special soul the passageway. Copulation is a science that has been and still is very popular in India. Should every new couple take a conscious effort in this direction they can indeed be a great contribution towards building a better and wanted kind of society. If we want the souls of the future to be peacemakers, than we have to consciously, begin working towards this goal.

Once the soul arrives, our sole purpose will have to be being good soul caregivers, rather than soul destroyers.

In today’s society most parents consciously or unconsciously, in the name of love, limit their children. Our job is to be very aware of the child’s needs, and to be aware of his or her mood changes. I have known many loving parents who do not have the time to be aware. Thus, these children become victim to abuse even within the home.

Sometimes it is their feeling of guilt of not being good parents that veil their vision or consciousness. It is not merely a chance occurrence that Prince Siddhartha was born to such parents as Suddhodhana and Maya, or Rama was born to ethical Dasaratha and Kaushalya and Jesus Christ was born to a pious carpenter’s family. In nature, there is no favoritism and Tantra science and astrology proves that the minutest events in everyday life are intricately linked with cosmic evolution. The relationship between parents and the child in not relegated to accidental circumstances.

We have a daughter who just turned 2 on the 23rd of November, and to see her grow within her own impulse is indeed a great joy. It is more than a full time job to be good caregivers, but yet very joyous to watch her grow. We find that our job is to be good providers and cares, and nothing more.Her name is Yogeswari the fierce aspect of Mother Durga, and by the time she was 1, she enjoyed playing with the deities, mainly Ganesh and Bhairava, both of whom are installed in our garden. Today she will in her own accord sit and meditate and chant mantras with us in her own way.

As devotees of the Mahavidyas she did not come to us by accident, we prepared the passage for her, and now we offer her the space to grow. She decided to come on a particular date and time so that she would receive one of Mother Durga’s name, through whom the Dasa Mahavidya were created.In Tantra Parenting is a science, no margin for error.

Year 2010 we will be offering many children the same opportunity by setting up a Mahavidya girl school as part of our center here in South India

We invite all to give us a helping hand in bring up some peacemakers.

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Comment by Jerzy Alexander-Tosza on January 13, 2009 at 1:00pm
I share the same conviction and believe that it is true spirituality that leads to a shift of consciousness where we realize we are all one family in Peace and Love. When we do there will not be any violence, just growth and enjoyment.
Comment by Dirk Boehmer on December 4, 2008 at 2:06pm
Dear Devanayagi,

I fully agree with you upon every single aspect you wrote.

It is beautiful to see how our often spiritually "limited" western thinking (see below) can be leveraged with the appropriate insight to a higher sphere of awareness.....

And if this spiritual spark for the priming of profound global wisdom is "just" initiated by slightly changing our perspective from ostensible fervidness-driven "intercourse" to pious and meaning.ful "copulation".
With the deliberate passionate intention of giving birth to a new SOUL and to nurture it in the course of its childhood and adolescence towards inmost self-esteem, mutual attentiveness and a peaceful spirit in his/her own essence...

Growing global connectivity along with ever-rising (informational as well as emotional) complexity and in the meantime very disputable (spritutal and ethical) “sustainability” promptly call for an increased (educational) consciousness of FAIRness world wide:

F = Focus on soul and heart driven compassion and wisdom
A = Awareness and Attentiveness
I = Insight, Intuition and (sagacious) Intelligence
R = Respect and Responsibility

When we soon ask our kids:
"With which ear do hear best?"
the answer should be:
"Of course with the ear of our heart and soul" ;-))

I believe that the "neXt generation Z" can further and leverage global peace a great deal, if we as parents train and entrust our kids more with keen emotional, spiritual and sagacious abilities than just with “media-driven fast-food intelligence to go”.....

Please read more in-depth as to these topics in my blogs under:

“True Peace via Generation Z ?”


“Global Wisdom” (on the Worldshift-Network of the Club of Budapest)

Comment by Scott Cooper on November 30, 2008 at 4:52pm
Dear Devanayagi,

Reading this post made me think of one of my favorite John Lennon songs: Love

Thanks for writing this, thanks for your work, and thanks for the friend add!



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