It just feels great -- bumping around this place. Of course, I do feel honored and excited -- to see my simple little message radiating out there in that special place. I got an email about it, too. Somebody is getting things very well-organized.

And it's fun to see my friends showing up here. I am starting to see familiar faces in that scrolling review at the top of that page. That's really a great feature. I just sit there, like somebody at a sidewalk café in Barcelona, watching everybody go by...

And of course -- I click -- some of themmmmm (laugh).

What I wanted to say was -- the thrilling and beautiful thing about this place is: everybody is bringing their treasures and their dreams. All their best pictures, all their best music, all their deepest and wildest visions...

So, you click around this place -- and the art is wonderful. Tons of great photos. I love the music, I go back to pages just so I can hear songs I like.

And the "technology" -- this Ning platform -- it runs great. It's fast, it's stable, it's simple and graceful, and it works. Click something -- something happens. Something interesting happens...

So, that's one great thing we can do here: pile up the treasures. Pile up the dreams. Bring the heart-beats, bring the visions and the deep realizations. Bring the years of experience and all the learning. Bring the love -- of course, everybody is doing that...!

So, yes -- there is some clunky stuff going on in the world. I haven't been looking at the news -- but there is something about Gaza -- that does not sound happy...

Well -- I can't prove it right now, and it's going to take a while to get there -- but what I think is: we DO know how to -- to heal -- this -- stuff.

And if we just keep piling up the energy and the beauty and the love and the passion, and we keep thinking of graceful ways to move ahead -- we're going -- to teach the world -- to show -- everybody -- that this CAN be done -- by the grace -- of Spirit...

We can reach everywhere. And we can -- I just believe this -- we can reach those forces operating in Gaza. We can reach the source of that wound. We can find something -- something deeply human -- that connects people. We can get past this blame, and this anger, this raging accusation, this ancient history of blood...


Well, the sun is coming in my window. It's warmer this afternoon. I need to get up in the mountains.

I think we can do this. Actually -- I think it's going to happen...

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Comment by phil on January 9, 2009 at 10:25pm
your words are so eloquent, so touching. perhaps it really is possible that one day the light of peace will shine upon this little planet of ours.
Comment by Bruce Schuman on December 31, 2008 at 6:15pm
good morning, ms ruach. thanks for this comment. i woke up here and went and posted something to a discussion you created, then i went and looked at the message from velcrow ripper. i feel this pull into silence as well, like -- what can these mere words mean, and i just -- don't know enough to open my mouth.

but -- there is a kind of aching chasm -- that might be dangerous -- the temptation to despair. so, sure, it's this naive little notion that "god is in charge and all is well" -- but the blood in the streets has got to stop -- the "bullets in the bellies", to use the words of that nurse -- what counter-force is there? how do we address the frustration of that talented rami from sweden? i guess my deepest instinct on this is -- yes, trust the power of love. it can work. we can connect on this basis. we can do this. we can confront and overcome the emerging hardline attitudes and political tendencies. there is something better trying to be born -- and we are the midwives of it. we just -- have to stay centered, and keep showing up. we have to connect, we have to build, we have to engage. but we CAN do it, if we just settle down and keep showing up. ruach -- i really appreciate your vibe, your presence, your energy, your skill...

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