Universal laws: Otherwise known as “agreements” ~ Law of Attraction ~ Law of Deliberate Creating ~ Law of Allowing If you will come to understand and apply these Three laws you will have an understa…

Universal laws: Otherwise known as “agreements”
~ Law of Attraction
~ Law of Deliberate Creating
~ Law of Allowing

If you will come to understand and apply these Three laws you will have an understanding of how your Universe functions!
You will Experience Peace in this lifetime!

Deliberate Creation Exercise:

Going to your workshop,
Be Happy, Important that you go into your workshop feeling happy! If you are not then do what you have to create a happy feeling.
15 to 20 minutes a day go to a place that you can be quiet.
Bring in the data; picture it in your life in a pleasing way!
Let me explain; take your everyday experiences choose (store, take mental notes, remember write it down) which ones make you happy. Whatever you want in your life bring them with you to your workshop.
Sit quietly read this until you can remember it on your own! Then close your eyes and go to work for you!

“I like being here, for I recognize the value and power of this time. I feel very good as I am here, and as I see myself I see myself in a sort of total package, a package that I know is of my creation, and certainly a package of my choosing.
I am full of energy in this picture of self, tireless really.
Moving through life experience with no resistance.
As I see myself gliding about in this picture of self, moving in and out of my car in and out of buildings, in and out of rooms, in and out of conversations, in and out of life experience. I see myself flowing effortlessly, comfortably and happy. I see myself attracting only those who are in harmony with my current intent, and I see myself clearer and clearer in every moment about what it is I am wanting.
When I am getting into my car and I am moving I see myself arriving at that place, healthy, refreshed and on time and prepared for whatever it is that I am about to do there.
I see myself dressed to perfection in just the manner I choose for self, and it is nice to know that it matters not what others are doing or what others are even thinking about what I am doing. What is important is that I am pleased with me, and as I see myself in this picture of self I certainly am.
I recognize that I am un-limitless in all facets of my life. I have a bank account, a check book balance that is not limited and as I see myself moving through life experience it is exhilarating to know that there is nothing that I am doing limited by dollars.
I am making all my decisions based on whether I want the experience or not. Not based upon whether I can afford the experience or not. For I have recognized finally that I am a magnet that attracts whatever prosperity, whatever help, whatever relationships that I choose at any point in time.
I choose absolute and continuing abundance for I understand that there is not a limit to the abundance in the universe and that by my attracting it to me I am not limiting another there is enough for everyone. And the key is for us to see it and want it and then we will attract it.
So I have chosen unlimited not necessarily putting a stash away for I am understanding that I have the power to attract it as I am wanting it for whatever I am wanting it for. And as I think of something else that I am wanting the dollars or abundance or prosperity.
There are abundance in all aspects of my life. I see myself surrounded by others who like me are wanting growth. Who are drawn to me by my willingness to allow them to be or do or have whatever they are wanting. While I do not need to draw into my experience those things that they may be choosing that I do not like.
I see myself interacting with others talking, laughing, enjoying that which is perfect in them while they are enjoying that which is perfect in me all of us appreciating one another. And non-of us criticizing or noticing those things we are not liking.
I see myself in perfect health, I see myself in absolute prosperity, I see myself invigorated with like appreciating again this physical life experience which I wanted so very much as I decided to be a physical being.
It is glorious to be here a physical being making decisions with my physical brain but accessing the power of the universe through the power of the Law of Attraction.
And it is from this marvelous state of being that I now attract more of same “it is good” “it is fun” I am liking it very much and now my work for this day is done!
I will leave this workshop and I will set out the remainder of this day looking for more things that I like. It is nice to know that if I see one who is prosperous but sick I do not need to bring the whole package into my workshop just the part that I like. So I will bring the example of prosperity while I will leave the example of sickness out!
My work is done!

I challange people to try this for 30 days!!!!!
I guarntee it will change yor life (or shall I say You will change your LIFE)...
You are the driver of your life....
So why do so many people let other people sit in the drivers seat of their Car??????
Hmmmmm? Food for thought! Yes?
Namaste Laurie

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