Hi everyone.....some of you know me.....I am Blue Jay of the Truemusic Tsalagi......I have been working, promoting, producing, and organizing concerts and events for years......THE CONCERTS FOR WOUNDED KNEE.....THE LONGEST WALK CONCERTS.......NO NUKES.......and many, many others over the years......

Currently, I am the Musical Liaison / Coordinator for THE URSA FREEDOM PROJECT....


We are planning worldwide concerts and events to bring the worlds attention to the plight of the MOONBEAR who are being systematically torture farmed for their bile......

We need PERFORMERS, DANCERS, SPIRITUAL LEADERS / HEALERS, SPONSORS, and anyone who can help in any capacity whatsoever in this.....

The inhumane murder of animals for profit must stop....and the Moonbear is also an endangered species.....sort of like man.....

Please check out our site and join up....then join the BENEFIT FOR THE BEARS GROUP.....and I'll see you there....
We need world wide support and help till the killing is stopped and the practice ended.....

The Ursa Freedom Project commits to liberate 9,000 bears from bile farms in China/Viet Nam and to end a practice that is commercially unnecessary. We who gather for the sake of the Moon Bear affirm liberty and deplore the torture of any living being. This endangered species is subjected to the unconscionable practice of bile extraction for use by industries which can use higher quality synthetic replacements to bear bile. The products are largely non-essential, including wine, furniture polish and certain types of medicine for preventable diseases. And the Chinese government has turned a deaf ear to the pleas of those who have worked for decades to help these animals.

Return to Freedom
The Ursa Freedom Project commits to liberate farmed Moon Bears from the wretched crush cages and abject torture they experience daily – until they die. The abominable practice of bear bile farming should have never begun and must stop now. These beautiful creatures must be returned to freedom, to live in the state Nature intended for them – a life of up to 30 years to roam in their natural habitat and to eat mostly berries and foliage.

This is no small task, it will take the belief and coming together of a great many to support those who work toward the liberation of farmed bears, to their rehabilitation and release into the wild. The Ursa Freedom Project invites you to join with your loved ones, neighbors and local organisations to share in a unique and uplifting campaign.

We aim to dismantle the bile farm industry. Please explore our website to learn how many small steps can bring these bears to freedom. We thank you for joining us.

Together, we can make a world of change.

Thank you all and please help..........


Blue Jay of the Truemusic Tsalagi

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