usually take care of is to use clean cotton cloth to wipe clean

 of thicker. Filed to run, a lot of people think it is anaerobic exercise, but it isn't. When running strong, intense anaerobic exercise when, say, 100 meters, 200, 400Meter dash. Sprint is taking the foot touches the ground, run faster, and also requires strong calf muscles. Therefore, see if there are any unglued and if there was "cha-cha" sound, is an indication that the glue was bad bad shoes. (4) check the bottom. Insole lining unevenness, PIN codes with different sizes, sole thinner does not shock, insoles are not close to the  air max tr 180 soles, can pick up the insole showing the soles of, mostly poor quality shoes. In addition, Pu polyurethane plastic pad is also poor quality shoes. Polish how to clean? Selected who apply shoe Polish leather shoes with shoe polish to distinguish cortex, but only with their own ideas to do, tends to lead to errors, and wouldn't protect not only shoes, but will

damage shoes to varying degrees. Shoes rubbing oil for the first time, should be carried out before wearing new shoes, shoes began without the stained with dirt, was able to maintain the leather's color and brightness. Worn by later in the process, need shoe once every 2-3 days. Different cortical need different shoe Polish. Soft leather: best not to grease with a brush, cotton is best, not cause harm to your nike air max 1 shoes. Oils to clean shoes before, don't wash, half wet cloth to clean the dust, and then squeezed in shoe polish on the cloth, and then wipe leather. Not too much force when, having the right rhythm, slightly longer, until the uniform color would be nice. Wash skin: best use of colourless shoe Polish, or lanolin wipe, it is best to use cloth, do not use the brush. Wax paper: all the wax paper is not shoe oil, or else it will change color, and once the color changes back to its

original color, usually take care of is to use clean cotton cloth to wipe clean as well. Paint: paint is that on the paint, the hardness of the skin, do not need to put shoe Polish, usually lightly dust it with a soft cloth well, wearing needs to protect. Suede: nubuck leather and suede are of the same nature, usually with a clean brush, brush when brushing in one direction, every other week or so with a nubuck leather care spray, then ventilation place shade would be nice! Considerations for shoe polish can not paint too thick, not too frequently with shoe Polish shoe, remember after you use shoe polish to shoes outdoors in ventilated places.Buying shoes online considerations for buying shoes online cannot be cheap. A pair of shoes in the price difference, must make sure that when you buy leather and leather shoes, style and good leather prices usually ranging in the

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