Wages have players from his play seriously affected the

Paid   nike air max 90 essential cheap  events still occur frequently, such as former Shenhua head coach Sergio Batista to Shenhua unpaid, shide coach Wen Jiada 6 times before returning to China to beg salaries, Didier Drogba took the Shenhua to FIFA, the Qinghai Forest Bureau in long-term arrears. And the negative impact of recent events.


Ought women's toms shoes  to be a deep football players at 2014 pulled out banners and suspected match over unpaid before the game. Wages have players from his play, seriously affected the Super international reputation. Although the Football Association guidelines for the discipline and the transfer rules, "as ball club arrears staff.


Investment toms shoes men's  bonuses accumulated more than 3 months, the player may terminate the contract, the Club will be punished. " But until then, hardly see any wage Club was the Football Association punishment. Arrears of cancer persistence, both clubs investor legal.

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